Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pepe Kalle tribute concert gets major controversy

Well this weekend was excellent. I got to go Prom and I have a few pleasures there and there. Also I was able to dance and just jam to music.

But this weekend got more entertaining for the wrong reasons though. Well last week, there was a plan to have a Pepe Kalle tribute concert in Brussels which would also include former Empire Bakuba guitarist Kinanga Boeing or KVK 737. This man said this concert was only to give tribute to Pepe Kalle and have people remember Pepe Kalle himself. It also included other musicians such as Willy Bula and Yan Koy.

However the concert will likely be canceled because a few combattants are protesting and wanting to prevent this Pepe Kalle tribute concert from occuring at all. Yannick Koy got very mad in the video and let the camera man know that he is only playing to have people remember Pepe Kalle. Interestingly even many known combattants were kind of poking fun at the combattants are who trying to prevent this show from happening. It is not a pretty situation indeed. Not at all. Regardless one combattant man is trying to prevent this show from happening and he may likely win.


  1. Your sources were wrong, the concert went ahead as planned.

    1. Thanks for sharing the Pepe Kalle tribute concert on Africambiance. I will comment today. I was wrong indeed. I thought the show was dead because the combattant demanded the show not to happen. I was wrong. The combattant lost the bet. I loved the show. It was excellent overall. Yan Koy should do more Pepe Kalle concert tributes in the near future.


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