Friday, May 25, 2012

Pepe Ndombe Gone

I had plans to kick some excellent music for you guys but sadly I have to be put that on hold as I have sad news to tell people.

The news which was a big deal yesterday is the death of Ndombe Opetum aka Pepe Ndombe and the father of former Wenge Musica Maison Mere singer Baby Ndombe. Pepe Ndombe passed away yesterday at the age of 68.

For those who do not know Pepe Ndombe, he was a great Congolese singer. He was born in Bandundu in the city of Mai-Ndombe. He was born in 1944. He had music on his mind.

He started his music career with his own band Afrizam which had influence from Afrisa Fiesta of Tabu Ley. Tabu Ley himself wanted Ndombe so Ndombe joined Tabu Ley in 1971 or 1972. They made some great songs together like Cherie Samba. That song had huge impact with many people even my father. My dad told me a few months ago that this song had a profound impact in his life.

Then Ndombe joined Franco and TPOK Jazz in 1975 after Sam Mangwana left the band. From there Ndombe really was able to shine. As result, he made some classics like Youyou, Mawe, and Voyage Ya Bandundu. He was a golden man as he got sing alongside with Josky, Djo Mpoyi, Youlou Mabiala, and Ntesa Dalinest. Ndombe also had another band of his own called Tiers de Monde. He also was a big contributor to the band Bana OK.

But the thing I like about Ndombe was his work with Madilu. He and Madilu made a album which contained 5 classic songs. One particular song I liked from Ndombe was the song Baiser Ya Judas. That song made Ndombe's voice stand out.

Pepe Ndombe is no longer here but his memory will live on.

PS The next posts I make will be the tribute to Pepe Ndombe himself.


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    1. I always enjoyed some of Ndombe's great music.Ndombe had a great voice. I just hope more people get to know about Pepe Ndombe.


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