Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tres Impoli

This song ironically relates to the day I had yesterday in school. On the bus I was on from my physics trip, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about where the place I would go to in order to help people if I was to be involved in Minerals which could be possible as ymy job in the near future. I could end up doing that with technology base. I menti0ned places esepecially in Africa countries like Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Congo, and Cameroon. However, some loser colleague of mine decided to bitch to me because I SEEMED RACIST. BS. I don't hate any group. Worse, than I was speaking about some types of Congolese women. I said one group tends to be very militant. My friends say that women who are in the army are too manly. Before I had a chance to respond,t that same loser decided to be rude and bitch at me again for saying that my friend had said. She decides to act she knows everything and gets overly sensitive. She says I have social problems. I do but at LEAST I ADMIT. She got social problems too and if she thinks she can get away with it, well then she will pay for what she did.

My sort of ranting is the basic thing which leads to the song I am going to share with you of my review of the song TRES IMPOLI. It comes from Grand Maitre Franco. Franco made a song about being impolite. In fact TRES IMPOLI means VERY IMPOLITE. Franco mentions several thing such as dirty socks and even women associates. Quite selective topics if you ask me. But, Franco was understanding life in general. No wonder many common Kinshasa people liked Franco.

Franco made this song unique with his singing and how much entertaining Franco was. Franco just knew how to be relatable. I guess that is why I am also a Franco fanatic too.

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