Saturday, May 12, 2012

What would be like if I was a radio host?

Oh this weekend took a weird turn. No really, it took a weird turn. I had went to my sister's buddy's 8th birthday and I did manage to have fun somewhat and my sister really had a good time. It was good because my sister needs to have fun and be able to who she is.

Now unexpectedly, things went on a very different course. When I was dicussing about life when me with my siblings would become adults, my parents want me to do some health stuff. Well I do plan to become a health informatic. I also like to do something productive in life. But then things totally got out of hand. My parents thought being a musician was my passion. So was acting but I found it to be lame.

Well one thing that my parents think I could be is a radio host. I could also see myself as a radio host. Yep I said it, RADIO HOST. I am not sure if I will be an effective radio host. I do not know even I want to be a RADIO HOST.

I would like to know what it will if I became a RADIO HOST. Well actually I would probably have the skills to be a RADIO HOST. Afterall, I do like to talk big time. Also I just have the natural wave of talking and speaking about music in general.

I wonder what I would call my show. I will have to wait and see.

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