Saturday, June 16, 2012

Controversy of Madilu's song Maman Intercesseuse

When I posted this song about two and half months ago, I thought it was just an ordinary post and it would not have so much popularity. But it did. This song comes from the classic 2005 album CHIFFRE THREE. This album had personnel of Josky Kiambukuta, Madilu System, Malage De Lulendo, Elba A, Caen Madoka, and others. This album was one of the top charting albums in Kinshasa in 2005.

Madilu sang four songs which were Tshatco Mbala, Maguy, Maman Intercesseuse, and Parfum de Femme. Those songs with Madilu were Madilu's A game when it came to vocals. However the song that stood out from those was the song MAMAN INTERCESSEUSE. This song apparently was controversial. I wonder why? Turns out this song was not a ordinary song but a song that exposes some deep shit.

Turns out the song "Maman Intercesseuse" is about something more than just the Mom. It is about the CHURCH. This song begins with the Mother speaking about how good God is and how everyone will eventually do things in the name of GOD "Messiah". But she later asks the preacher, who will take of my children and what will happen in life. The preacher responds, "I have found the answer. God will provide". Later on, it gets sort of dramatic, as mother struggles to make ends meet in many occurrences expecting that the church will give some money to her. But the preacher responds sort of angrily saying "I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER. MONEY BELONGS TO THE CHURCH (GROUP)". As the songs get going, Madilu narrates about how the Church seems to be using people for money purposes not for actual work of GOD himself. But at the end, preachers continue with the message, "I have found the answer. God will provide" not wanting to change the narrative but Madilu says that GOD has always provided for others too forever and GOD has always been helped but not just now.

Basically, this song is about the dirt of the Church of how the Mother wants to please GOD and do things for his glory but she also wants to be a mother and truly be a family person believing GOD will bless her more. However, the church seems to object to the mom's idea of only relying on GOD and that when money comes, none belongs but the money belongs to the Church. The mom does not seem happy about this and feels like she is being used.

Now you wonder what I think. Well I do believe in GOD and I trust him for my guidance and my life. I love GOD's great love and I love how GOD has done some blessing for my life like me now being able to go to college and be a great human being. I thank GOD for that. However, I agree with Madilu on this one. The Church has always been corrupted especially now in its heavily political society. But this is not applicable in Kinshasa churches (though there have been sad cases there) but also in many WESTERN entities. I mean now days in many Western countries (including my country USA) have churches who are telling people not to work hard or take care of family but only take care of GOD and money only belongs the CHURCH. But here is the thing: HOW THE HELL CAN THE CHURCH HAVE PEOPLE WITHOUT PEOPLE PROVIDING MONEY FOR THE CHURCH. SERIOUSLY? I mean the churches (sadly many) have become so much money whores. I DOUBT GOD WILL BE HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

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