Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Empire Bakuba- MAMIE 1992

Now I am going to rant on this work that was done by the great band itself Empire Bakuba. I mean the work that I consider to be one of Papy Tex's masterpieces as the second hand man of Empire Bakuba. The work he made on this work was his 1992 acclaimed LP called MAMIE.

This work is one of the best Papy Tex made work with Empire Bakuba. This album begins a great song called Jordan with the great voices of Papy Tex and Djodjo Ikomo and of course don't forget the great voice of Pepe Kalle. This song had a excellent sebene. Also don't forget the other song Music Clarification with Papy Tex showcasing his greatness and how important he was to many people. I say this because Papy Tex sings well and the guitars until it is the time for the animation of Djouna Mumbafu. Also I enjoy the rumba song Ivetibi because Papy Tex is once ready to express himself prefectly and he is ready to showcase his importantce.

Now you are able to see Papy Tex shine a bit himself on the two other songs Sinita and Aideu Laya. Adieu Laya has a interesting aspect. I mean first time we see Bovi Mukoko and Papy Tex sing together and then the second part where we hear some Papy Tex sing with Pepe Kalle.

But the song that really stands out is the song MAMIE. This record, you see that there are just great singing together. I mean you got a dream team on this song. You got the personnels of Doris Ebuya, Gode Lofombo, Papy Tex, Djodjo Ikomo, Bovi Mukoko, Pepe Kalle, Elvis Nkunku, and Djouna Mumbafu. This song just equal major gold as soon as this song came out. I hope people can get this record and enjoy this great record.


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  2. Thanks for such a nice article on Pepe Kalle and Papy Tex. I grew up listening and dancing to these songs in Tanzania and since I could not speak Lin gala or French I never really understood what the song meant but the music (especially the solo guitar and the beautiful melody) really spoke to my heart. Reminds me of a very special time in my life.


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