Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A deeper meaning of the song MABELE RICHE

It is my brother's 17th birthday. My brother turned 17 years old today. Well I had a very good weekend. So I went into my father's car and we were listening to the song MABELE RICHE. This is a Empire Bakuba song with Papy Tex singing lead with Pepe Kalle backing up as well the great animator Djouna Mumbafu with the song composed by rhythm guitarist Elvis Kunku. I actually do like this song in a some unique way. So I did listen to the song and there I discovered something. I heard the name Emoro. I knew he was mentioned as he did die in 1992 during the Empire Bakuba's Zambia tour. It turns there it something more than I intially thought.

It turns out that this song does actually focus on one person. That was late dwarf man Emoro. Those who don't know Emoro, he was a Empire Bakuba dwarf. He was the original dwarf before Dokolos took over. Jolie Bebe was the female dwarf. Emoro was a very entertaining man but he was also a provactive man. In fact the reason why Emoro was pretty much popular was because of his provactive moves especially doing the WAWAWA. That meant Emoro literally humped on female dancers. I guess that might explain Emoro's later health problems he had during the early 1990s although he looked so fine health wise. Well during Empire Bakuba's highlight African tour, Emoro passed away.

So Elvis Kunku composed a song in tribute to Emoro. Papy Tex the singer speaks about how Emoro's life was not just a great for him but it is a great life for the world to especially Empire Bakuba people. Also Papy sings that our soil goes back to our land that we originally came from. Pepe Kalle basically says that we miss Emoro and we have to continue life without Emoro.

What I see is that it is very clear that Empire Bakuba personnels were deeply hurt by the death of Emoro and they made a song just for him. I understand him. Emoro was someone who knew how to entertain and his death was indeed shocking. Even worse, 6 years later, Pepe Kalle passed away. It is unfortunate. Empire Bakuba has never been the same since Pepe Kalle died. Papy Tex is the leader of the band but he had a tough time making the band great again.

Here is the song here

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  1. You need to ask not post nonsense Emoro's health issues had nothing to do with his "humping female dancers" That's insulting to his memory.


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