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A great Zimbabwe Rumba Song 1

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone enjoy a safe and great weekend a good thanksgiving weekend.

To give you guys a great treat. Here it is.

I found a great song Zimbabwe song from a Rumba group name Jairos Jiri Band. They made a very entertaining song that was so great in many ways.

Their great song that they made was called Sarah. I know this song is a love song although I am not sure what they are saying but regardless but I am impressed with their singing. Also they were really into their music and I could see thier great passion. It also gave me the vibe that they enjoyed making this song that they did.

They had a great sebene and they managed to entertain me with their amateur acts. I am impressed with this band.

Here is the song Sarah from Jairos Jiri Band.


I apologize to all followers for not writing for a while. I have been so busy caught with school work, and Facebook constant messages, I had little time to write some great posts.

Well this week and around next week, I am going to try to expand my genres of music that I can enjoy a lot as a music lover myself. African music, I favor Congolese a lot and then I like some East Rumba and West African occassionally but I have now decided to give some Zimbabwe rumba after a person showed me a song by a Zimbabwe rumba band. It was so excellent. I found the song to just sound like Congolese with a Zimbabwe voice. It is quite interesting in my view.

I am going on a Zimbabwe Rumba crusade. I want to do this because I have got some Zimbabwe friends and I feel I need to do the favor by hearing some of their own music so I can showcase how cool their music can be too.

I will post some of the best Zimbabwe Rumba songs I have found. You will enjoy it.

My personal experience with BEER & WINE

I am so sorry to everyone for not making a post lately. It has been while since I made a post but I had some things going on. I am going a deep growth with college and as usual, Facebook things going on and being on other forums. So I had little time for posting. Now I am back. I had some unfortunate events during this time too.

One of them is drinking two alcohol types which are already bad enough. They are Beer and Wine. There is no one at fault. I have only myself to blame. I have had stories about how these two drinks are so bad and yet I decide to take these two shit. It was so bad. So what happened was that a week ago, I went to a person's house. I was asked to drink some Red Wine. I said yes and the worst occurred. I had also had some beer that day too. The result was so bad. I knew right away that I was drunk. I mean I was inclined to sleep more and I was inclined to move more than I usually did. Also let me add, my ribs were totally fucked up and also my voice was bad for…