Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I am so sorry to the blog followers for a six month absence that I have had. This is so unusual for me to do. But now I have to explain situations that led to this.

College work
Family issues
Family conflict
Trying to work during the summer
Social issues (nothing new)
Addiction to the reality show MOB WIVES
Addiction to the reality show HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY
Closing of Vibes D'Afrique (SO SAD)
Addiction to Facebook
Resolve issues of mine

These are the basic reasons that I have not been able to really write a post that has some connections. I have been in a hard emotional state of life. Too much shit going on. Well it is summer time, I am happy that I can be my normal self for once.

But I will only do 4 posts since I may take some long ass job soon. But they will be good. After August, I may have to take a 1-4 month break from blogging as college work will become more demanding in the near future.

PS, I will be back for now. I am so happy now to be back here for some time.

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