Thursday, August 15, 2013

Likinga Redo no more

Man I could not see this coming even with a old artist like this man. This man has had problems in the past and he had great troubles prior to his unfortunate death. 

Well I am speaking about the death and unpextated one from Likinga Redo. He was 59 years old when he died. He died on August 8, 2013. This death stunned and I just could not believe it. I found this out from former Zaiko Langa Langa singer Adamo Ekula

Well let me speak on this great Artist Mr. Likinga Redo. I know that this man began his music career with Empire Bakuba led by Pepe Kalle (who is no longer here). Likinga would appear in songs like Calvaire, and Montesse. Then in 1976, he officially became a memeber of Zaiko Langa Langa. This time he sang with Nyoka Longo, Lenga Lenga (Ya Lengos), and Bimi Ombale. They made some great songs and being able to produce some dynamic dances. Likinga Redo produced one song that was popular for him. That song is Viya. This song got Likinga Redo in a unique place. He was beginning to develop his own identity. Zaiko was starting to become a important band alongside Empire Bakuba de Pepe Kalle. 

Likinga Redo was said to a drug habit and clearly some one was not happy about it. After he releasd his other song Antalia, he got caught with drugs in Portugal in 1983. This led to his arrest and as result he was in jail for five years. 

Likinga Redo got a tribute song while he was in jail. That was his old friend Pepe Kalle. He made the tribute Souci ya Likinga. This song became pretty popular around the Kinshasa scene in 1986. 

Redo got out of jail in 1988 to join Zaiko Familia Dei de Pablo. But he did last there long. Then Likinga Redo had really became a session singer releasing a few albums. But Likinga Redo was not the same and despite making great music, people seemed to have enough of Likinga and he had became a shadow of himself. 

Then in 2002, he worked with former Empire Bakuba mate Papy Tex on their work together called Mon Bebe. This would be Likinga's last music before he went fully into Christian music. That could be seen with Soeur Lumumba around the 2006 period. After that, Redo had privately lived his life. 

It was said that Likinga Redo had suffered dementia-disease for five months before his unfortunate death. Strange for me, because Likinga had indicated some time ago, he was ready to get his life back on his own Facebook. Of course, Likinga died on August 8, 2013. 

It is ashame that he is gone and I will forever miss him. His music will live on.

Rest in peace Vieux Likinga Redo

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