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We have a great album or LP from two legendary musicians that have ever came in Congo and the whole great Africa. Well I am speaking of two singers who once grace the time. I am talking about Mr. Madilu Bialu System "Grand Ninja" and Mr. Nyboma Canta "Canto". These two singers are in my opinion one of the greatest singers in their generation.

The interesting about these two men are that they were part of the new wave of Congolese. It was that it began with former OK Jazz saxophonist and former Veve leader Verckys. He began getting some youth talent around the Kinshasa music scene. This new wave would eventually include people like Nyboma, Madilu, Nzaya Nzayadio, Nyoka Longo, Evoloko, Bozi Boziana, Papa Wemba, Pepe Kalle, and some others.

However during the 1970s, Nyboma had a lot of success and Madilu at the other end was just another name. Nyboma was in bands like Bella Bella, Lipua Lipua, and Les Kamale just making gold. Madilu had a good band in Bakuba Mayopi bu…