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My take on Evoloko JOKER

Lately I have seen so much shit and great stuff happening all around the same time. Hot girls, Great college work, Nice Technical work, and others have consumed my time. I apologize but that has been lately my situation so I have not really had the chance to make a post. 

But also add that my first young brother is about graduate from high school and my family and I are already clashing about what songs that we are going to play for his graduation and what type of music pacifically we are going to play. Also it will be combined with me and my sister time for celebration. Boy this will be fun. Supposedly. 

But one reason of clashing is that my parents really want to only and exclusively Congolese music but I know my young brother does not really play that music like I do and I told him to ask him what he wants. But they also really want to play Congolese music that they really enjoy themselves. They really do not want East African music. Not even sensible ones like Simba Wanyika, Remmy O…