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Youtube time

Before I start on anything, I want to say happy birthday to Dizzy Mandjeku. 

Here is a song with his presence known

It is a song that I cannot get enough of. 

Now my fans have been wondering why I have not been posting. Actually lately I have been working a lot since I don't have school yet back, so I have been working and I have been trying to revamp a social life that I never cared for. Furthermore, I have to do so many things and watch my Facebooks so closely. 

Actually while I have been working, I encounter a person well I mean a woman who notices that I sing one song of my idol (second one) Pepe Kalle. 

She asks me who I am. I told her I am a Congolese American and I was born in Nebraska. I told her also I am a big fan of Pepe Kalle and I listen to African music often and American music sometimes. I also told her that I am 21 years old. I am a very young man. I have been in Minnesota for 14 years. I have lived around the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Now it comes to her, this is where…