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Luambo Family Clan

Hello fans. I apologize. I have not made a post for a while. Actually it has been four months since I have done a post. Actually my college life has been killing my time. My popularity on Facebook has not allowed me to make a real post here to make sense. Next semester in my college career, I could be working and it may lead to less time for this blog. Also I will take French classes. That does not help. Plus de Français, Plus de Français et Plus de Français svp. Qu'est-ce que Je fais? Je donne quoi? Je veux quoi? Je donne quoi? Qu'est-ce que Je donne? Est-ce que J'aime mes amis? Est-ce que Je veux bonnes choses pour mes amis? Est-ce que Je veux bonnes choses pour ma famille? 

Enough of that. Actually I am going to touch a subject that I did not really want to do but doing anyway. 

As you guys are aware, I am a fanatic of Franco and Pepe Kalle. I love their music and stories because I am fascinated by them. 

The Grand Maitre himself 

As you are aware that Franco was a controve…