Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mayaula Mayoni & Mpongo Love


Hello friends. I am back with something special. It has been weeks. So many problems (as usual) with school things and usual youth crap that I deal with. 

Now I look at two people I wish would have made more music together. I am speaking of Mayaula Mayoni and Mpongo Love

These two made one incredible song that I cannot get enough of. That song is Ndaya. It is a song that send Mpongo Love to become one of the earlier pioneers of Congolese Music Diva Scene. In fact there were two singers that came before. They were Abeti Masikini and Mpongo Love. In fact thanks to Abeti Masikini, you got Abby Sourya, Mbilia Bel and even Tshala Muana

This song also helped make Mayaula Mayoni officially as a musician and no longer quite the soccer player that he once was back in the older days. He would later on make some incredible songs such as Mizele, Nabali misere, Bikini, Ousmane Bakyoko. 

But however I feel like that Mayaula Mayoni and Mpongo Love missed a oppurtunity to make more music together. Whenever I listen to Ndaya, I see the voices and the guitars together. I think the vocals are Mpongo Love and Empompo Loway who does a great job with his saxophone with the soothing guitar rhythm of Mayoni. This song is a great song and it is beyond just a song. It is a song with message of a true love and a desire for better love within the relationship. Furthermore, you can see the chemistry of Mayuala's guitar and Mpongo Love's vocals. That is why I feel like that Mayoni and Love should have made more music together. Because the chemistry is there and when you have it, you would like to keep going. That is my honest opinion. Had they made more music together, I honestly feel like that they would have had bigger stardom in both of their careers. 

But then again that is fantasy. I am so grateful that Mayaula Mayoni and Mpongo Love made a great song together called Ndaya. It is a event that I feel it is not discussed enough by our elders. I am so happy. 

In fact this goes along with another announcement:
I will do dream duets during this year. I will do two artists that I feel should have or should work together. I will do all artists. Dead or alive, I will do them. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Revamp of Le TPOK Jazz of Grand Maitre Franco

Happy New Year friends and followers of my blog and my YouTube life. We enter a new year. It is the year 2015 with so much to do. Hopefully I will do more posts soon but so many things going on, so am I not sure. 

Now I am about to touch another important topic. Revival of one powerful band that was once popular in DRC Congo and the whole Africa republic. 

It is the band of my first idol Franco. The band Le TPOK Jazz. It symbolizes for Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz. It was originally called L'OK Jazz which based a bar owned by a person name Oscar Kashala or Oscar Kalala. Formed in 1953, it would be a band until 1994. Another version of OK Jazz came with Youlou Mabiala

In Facebook and general, I have heard and even been asked about possibilities of not only revival of OK Jazz in Kinshasa but even in Kenya or even the western areas. 

My personal outlook is this. They are possible areas to look for OK Jazz revival if it is to ever be international. 

Here are possible areas 
Le TPOK Jazz Kinshasa
Le TPOK Jazz Lubumbashi
Le TPOK Jazz Matadi
Le TPOK Jazz Kisangani 
Le TPOK Jazz Mbuji-Mayi 
Le TPOK Jazz Bukavu 
Le TPOK Jazz Mbandaka 
Le TPOK Jazz Kenya 
Le TPOK Jazz Dar es Salaam 
Le TPOK Jazz Zanzibar 
Le TPOK Jazz Zimbabwe 
Le TPOK Jazz South Africa 
Le TPOK Jazz Botswana 
Le TPOK Jazz Ghana
Le TPOK Jazz Liberia 
Le TPOK Jazz Ivory Coast
Le TPOK Jazz Gabon
Le TPOK Jazz Luanda 
Le TPOK Jazz Burundi 
Le TPOK Jazz South Sudan
Le TPOK Jazz Kampala
Le TPOK Jazz France
Le TPOK Jazz Belgium 
Le TPOK Jazz Germany 
Le TPOK Jazz Amsterdam 
Le TPOK Jazz Switzerland 
Le TPOK Jazz Canada
Le TPOK Jazz Colombia
Le TPOK Jazz Cuba 
Le TPOK Jazz Australia 
Le TPOK Jazz California 
Le TPOK Jazz New York
Le TPOK Jazz Texas 
Le TPOK Jazz Connecticut 
Le TPOK Jazz Nebraska
Le TPOK Jazz North Carolina 
Le TPOK Jazz Louisiana 
Le TPOK Jazz Virginia 
Le TPOK Jazz Missouri 
Le TPOK Jazz Iowa 
Le TPOK Jazz Wisconsin 
Le TPOK Jazz Washington DC 
Le TPOK Jazz Washington State 
Le TPOK Jazz Oregon
Le TPOK Jazz Illinois
Le TPOK Jazz Indiana
Le TPOK Jazz Michigan
Le TPOK Jazz Georgia

Le TPOK Jazz Florida
Le TPOK Jazz Ohio
Le TPOK Jazz Maryland
Le TPOK Jazz Colorado
Le TPOK Jazz Pennsylvania

Le TPOK Jazz Tennessee 
Le TPOK Jazz Massachusetts 
Le TPOK Jazz Nevada 
Le TPOK Jazz Utah
Le TPOK Jazz Delaware
Le TPOK Jazz New Jersey
Le TPOK Jazz Arizona
Le TPOK Jazz Arkansas
Le TPOK Jazz Minnesota
Le TPOK Jazz New Mexico
Le TPOK Jazz Kansas

Le TPOK Jazz Kentucky 

It is possible for a revamp success of OK Jazz in Kinshasa. I am going to say yes. Here is why? See most of today's Congolese music is not that popular and plus more young people kind want to go back in time before the current Congolese music scene. Furthermore, you have the actual kids of these former OK Jazz musicians doing the forefront which is usually unheard of most famous singer's kids. Usually they want to separate themselves completely from their famous parent life. In fact OK Jazz is overseen by two people. Actually three to be exact. Erick Mpoyi who is the older son of Djo Mpoyi. The other two are Yves Emongo Luambo and Sonya Luambo who are the children of Francois Luambo Makiadi. Erick Mpoyi is a actual choir singer in reality when not involved in OK Jazz activities. TPOK Jazz of Kinshasa can do well because you have people who want to see Luambo's music in a modern sense. Don't believe me. Look here in Franco's documentary "King of Rumba". Look at how the youth really enjoy Luambo's music. 

As for OK Jazz revamp going international. Actually it is also very possible. Case in example, the country Kenya. It is a Swahili speaking country but many Kenyans are fans of the OK Jazz. Thanks to Franco coming to Kenya, his legacy stays at a major mark. Also now some people in Kenya want to know Lingala thanks to the music of OK Jazz. Also in Europe, you have some people definitively aware of the music of OK Jazz. Especially in France, UK and Belgium. You have Ntesa's daughter Christelle who did a excellent rendition of her father's classic song Bing na ngai na repsect. It was totally genius work done. Christelle did a excellent job singing. She was on point. Then comes to USA. It is also possible since you have a big population of Africans especially in the Midwest and West area as well as the South and East Coast. Plus in the Midwest, you have Congolese, Nigerians, and Kenyans who are thirsty to find a way to revamp the older music of Franco and his OK Jazz. In fact for example, my state of Minnesota, I found out that they were several African organizations trying to find a way to recoup the older music of African such as Franco and Grand Kalle. This is something that I support strongly. Finally, there are some African descendant folks who want to create posters of African artists or groups. Le TPOK Jazz could be one of them. Yes it is very possible that OK Jazz can become international. 

But here is one hurdle of the possibility. 
Will the fans of OK Jazz fans come along with this. It is tough to say. It is really half and half. You have OKJ fans like myself who are totally for this and say that we need to find ways to get this going. But then you have others who say that OK Jazz should be left alone because some people don't have good intentions behind this. 

It will be a challenge for OK Jazz Kinshasa leading by Emongo Luambo. Because the question is how they find a way to make great in its own right and yet keep the OK Jazz of Luambo Makiadi spirit alive. It will be tough but I am for this. I believe Emongo will succeed. He knows what he is doing and he has been prepared for the success and failures. More importantly with Eric Mpoyi, you got a chance. 

Look at this OK Jazz. They look so promising. Add Erick Mpoyi, you have success in the process. 
October 2014. 

Side-note: Erick Mpoyi is a powerhouse. In my opinion, he is a more powerful singer than his father. I like Djo Mpoyi but his son is too much. 

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