Sunday, April 5, 2015

Top 10 Songs: Lutumba Simaro

This will be my first series of another round: TOP 10 songs 

This edition will be Lutumba Simaro. I will put them for your enjoyment. 

Here we go. My selections

10) Andre Kisangani 

9) Tala Merci Bapesaka na Mbwa 

8) Minuit Eleki Lezi 

7) Cedou 

6) Mbongo 
5) Coeur Artificiel 

4) Testament ya Bowule 

3) Mandola 

2) Ebale ya Zaire

1) Mabele 

That is my list. You may not agree. But if you feel different, please say any comment.

I will do this series less than I do with the Dream Duets but this series will continue from now on. 

Reflection: The poet Lutumba Simaro

Hello my friends, in the Easter weekend, it is the time for me to speak one person that has so much greatness in Congolese Music. It is someone that does not get appreciated enough in my opinion. 

I am going into the reflection with the poet of Congolese Music. His name is Lutumba Simaro or some call him Simaro Masiya. Simaro is one special artist who always hold a great put into the Congolese Music scene. 

He was born in 1938. He would start his music career with some local bands before his life totally changed. He would join the great Congolese band Le TPOK Jazz with the leadership of then the young Franco. He would eventually become vice-president of OK Jazz after the departure of Vicky Longomba. Simaro and Franco would become a force in their songs. Franco had a tendency to be more straight forward and somewhat tough in his songs. Simaro had a tendency to be more colorful and more poetic and flowering like in his songs. 

Through out Simaro's musical career, he managed to make songs like Maya, Mabele, Andre Kisangani, Ofela, Kadima, and many others. Simaro would finally be able to lead his own band after Franco's death in 1989 before he made Bana OK in 1994. Simaro has and is still faithful in Kinshasa. He has never lived in Europe. 

Now Simaro is a retired musician. He is living and resting well in Kinshasa. He has lived 77 years in this earth. 

Simaro is one of the few musicians from the second generation to be with us. I am so grateful to know the music of Simaro Lutumba. Lutumba will always be one great moment for Congolese Music forever. 

I just hope that one day that the Congolese society in Kinshasa will make a memorial for Lutumba Simaro like they have done for Franco and Tabu Ley

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