Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lutumba Simaro: Pepe Kalle chante La Poete Simaro Massiya

Hello everyone, I am so happy to give a overlook on a LP that I have loved a lot since I was a teenager. Now as a young adult, I am grateful to still appreciate music like this. 

As some of your older rumba fans or rhumba fans as called by others, you are aware that now Lutumba Simaro is no longer is doing music mentioned in this post 
Simaro Retires 

I know will speak somewhat of the great 1989 lp of Simaro Lutumba or some call him Simaro Massiya. The lp is simply called "Pepe Kalle chante La Poete Simaro Massiya". This is a Lp for Simaro Lutumba to do another nzingzong. It would his second after doing back in 1984 with the song Maya. At this time, Franco was not well and OK Jazz was going downhill. So some OKJ musicians decided to some solo projects. Simaro was one of them. 

This LP is so classic. All these four songs have a important message. About love and about how to avoid trouble. Like for example, Mukelenge, you can see Pepe Kalle sing as a woman who is telling her man to keep himself under control and make sure he is well health wise and body wise. The song kind of goes into that direction. Muana Ndeke is a song where he is singing a figurative song about a Child of a Bird. But it means that it represents the issues around the life such as people, marriages, and workers. 

My favorite song out of all this classic LP is the Diarrhée Verbale which literally means Verbal Diarrhea. NO it is not about the body but about the mouth. It is a reference to how much Kinshasa people love to gossip and talk shit about other people. Also, why it is a problem for Zairian people. As at the time Democratic Republic of Congo was referred Zaire or more accurately Republic of Zaire. Oh this where Pepe Kalle delivered the best. No wonder I am a Pepe Kalle fanatic today. 

But we get into the remake of "Coeur Artificiel" which meant Artificial Heart. But this version of the same song is called Motema Libanga which it means in this context a Cold Heart. Kind of the same affect. Someone being cold blooded. The original song was sung by Madilu System. But in the remix it was sang by Carlyto Lassa and Pepe Kalle. Carlyto did a good job singing it but I kind of wish that Madilu had sang the remix in a sense or it should have been Pepe Kalle in this case in my opinion but then again, maybe Simaro wanted someone completely different from Madilu. So Carlyto make sense. Plus his voice is so juicy and I love juicy voices. 

Excellent album if you ask me. I want everyone to get this work. It is everywhere. Excellent work from Simaro. 

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