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The lack of use of a trio


Josky Kiambukuta, Madilu System "Jean Bialu Madilu", and Pepe Ndombe "Ndombe Opetum". 

At the time around the 8th anniversary death of Madilu System. I am going to do something that I have wanted to do but now I am going to release of OK Jazz fans. 

I love duets and I am going to get more duets coming up soon. Right now too occupied by family, women and work. No kidding women want to see left and right. 

But I also love trios as well. This is going to be first post dealing with trio. But this post will do one thing: speak on a lack of a trio. 

I am speaking about three singers that I like a lot. Especially being in OK Jazz and their own careers. I am speaking of Josky Kiambukuta, Madilu System and Pepe Ndombe. 

These are singers that had their impact on OK Jazz in unique ways. I don't like the fact that there were few songs that had the voices of Josky, Madilu, and Ndombe. Especially when Madilu came into OKJ in 1980, I wish that Franco or Simaro would have tried to get Josky, Madilu, and Ndombe to get a few songs together. Like it occurred with Aime Kiwakana, Josky Kiambukuta, Lokombe Ntal, and Madilu System. Or Simaro and Franco could have founded ways to get Josky, Madilu, and Ndombe to alternate with Wuta Mayi, Djo Mpoyi, Diatho Lukoki, or Aime Kiwakana

Here is why I say this: Listen to these songs. Baby and Serrer-Serrer on Josky' s 1991 classic LP 
As for the opinion of this LP. Look at this link here 
Baby 1991

You realize how great these songs were. Really because of Josky, Madilu, and Ndombe alone. As you can see, the fourth person can just come in to make the song even more classic. As you notice on Baby, you hear Djo Mpoyi but with Serrer Serrer, you hear Aime Kiwakana. But really it is due to the great voices of Josky, Madilu, and Ndombe. 

Even better when you listen to the song Ofela which was on OK Jazz's last album before its unfortunate split. I mean you can hear the medley of Josky, Madilu, and Ndombe alone just together. No fourth person. I MEAN NO FOURTH PERSON IN THAT SONG. So this song makes my case of how much less of we had of these three people singing together. 

Most of the time, it would be Josky-Ndombe effect as well as Josky-Madilu effect. Hardly we had much of Madilu-Ndombe effect. Josky/Ndombe and Josky/Madilu was more in common than Madilu/Ndombe. I hate to use this analogy but this would be like "TRIO KADIMA" crew or as the three men of Empire Bakuba. Dilu Dilumona, Papy Tex, and Pepe Kalle. Dilu Dilumona and Pepe Kalle had very similar voices. But hey they managed to meld well with Papy Tex. Guess who had similiar voices?

Madilu and Ndombe. They were both I call the "Rochereau Logos" as they sounded pretty similar to Tabu Ley Rochereau. They both happened to play with Tabu Ley (though Ndombe actually got to sing with Tabu Ley and I don't think Madilu ever had a chance as Tabu Ley preferred Papa Wemba). In many ways, their voices are very similar that sometimes you get confused who is who. So I could see why often Madilu and Ndombe would not sing together. But at the other hand, since we had Dilu Dilumona and Pepe Kalle, I feel that we could have had some more of Madilu/Ndombe moments. 

This is also why I'm stunned when in 1988 when Ndombe released a solo album with OK Jazz, he made no song with Josky's voice but one song of his two songs having Madilu's voice. Interesting but then again as I stated, we often had Josky/Ndombe, Josky/Madilu and then occasionally Madilu/Ndombe. It was rare for Josky, Madilu, and Ndombe to sing together as a trio. I believe as them as a trio, we only had five songs of them together. I mean only FIVE. So disappointing. 

That is why when I hear songs that had Josky, Madilu, and Ndombe together, I have so much joy since they are few in between. The chemistry of their voices together were perfect and on point. 

This is also why I wished this trio would have been used in the earlier years like early 1980s to make some classic songs because it would have been also even more fun for the younger fans of OK Jazz. To see a old veteran, a great experienced singer with a younger singer would have given OK Jazz fans (I mean younger ones) some great fun when they got tired of Ntesa, Diatho, Wuta Mayi, and Djo Mpoyi and want something different. I hate that their great moments were during the later years of OK Jazz when basically people prefer Empire Bakuba and Zaiko Langa Langa. 

Well it also goes into my announcement: I am going to some Trio singers that I wished came together. I will continue the duet series of course but now I will add the trio class. 

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