Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dream Duet: Chiara Civello and Fally Ipupa

Both of these guys love to kind of show their sexuality in a unique way. Their voices in my opinion would meld so together especially they plan to make sexy love songs. I mean love songs that will stick in your head for too long. Hehehehehehehehehe

I am going to speak about Italian/Brazilian star Chiara Civello and Congolese/international star Fally Ipupa. These two stars in my view would be perfect duet. Because their voices are go in opposite directions. Fally Ipupa's voice is more soulful and much more higher than the voice of Chiara's voice which is more classical and deeper sounding. This would be a good scenario for these two to work together and make some love songs that would be memorable. 

Here are my other points on why they should be together.
1) Both are international stars
2) Both are about the same generation meaning great ways to creatively doing music 
3) Both have incredible knowledge of English
4) They both can bring some passion into their voices. 
5) Both can do acoustic guitar. 

It is sexy to see some people play the acoustic guitar. I love to see Fally and Chiara play that acoustic guitar. I would love a song where both play acoustic guitar and bring their voices into a song and it would be so much joy. 

I make my plea: Someone big get a way to get Fally Ipupa and Chiara Civello to make some music together. It would be great for both since they are international stars. 

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