Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dream Duet: Fally Ipupa and Taylor Swift

This would totally set the Congolese and American communities on bomb if this was the collaboration 

I want to do a dream duet involving Fally Ipupa and Taylor Swift. I have one good reason:

They clearly want to expand their fan base. They are intending to do more than just two music genres. That is what they have in common. 

Both really want to become international stars. More importantly, Fally Ipupa knows so much English. that is enough for these two to work together. 

So in my opinion, some USA producers should try at some point to create a big collaboration that would splash. Fally Ipupa and Taylor Swift would do magic as they would bring their own ability to make and find success with their collaboration song. 

The final case is that their desire to create more diversity in music. They both stated that they want to show more of their other type of music that they love so much. They are the types who like to do other styles of music and they like to act. 

So if  I were a producer,  I would do what I can to get these two artists to work together. 

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