Thursday, October 29, 2015

More female collaborations in Brazil than USA

What I am noticing that I find more female collaboration activities in Brazil than my own country USA. United States of America. I am highly disappointed in many ways as an American. I wish there would be more female collaboration than Brazil. I know Brazil is a pretty good country in many ways but USA the reigning country. 

But I can see why. First of all, in USA, women have been oppressed so badly and were forced to be stay home moms and had to be a certain thing.

So I can see why it is more complicated. But this is the reason why we should more unity with women. But instead, we see more division and more anger. With Brazil, women were never quite oppressed and were always given allowance to be themselves. As result, it is easy for women get along better and I guess less jealously though I do think jealously is high with the Brazilian female singers since many are super sexy. Not normal sexy. Super sexy. Too sexy to handle I mean.

But with American female singers, it is a combination of natural anger and so much pressure. Since many record labels consider women to be puppets, some women feel the need to harm others to be living well.

So I can see why there are more work between female artists of Brazil and than USA. 

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