Thursday, October 29, 2015

My note to Franco

Grand Maitre Franco 


You were artist that gave great memories
You brought real discussions into this superficial life
I think that you were the one who masted Rumba Music
You made your own version of Grand Kalle's Rumba
You had some magic all over many Africans 
African people envied you so much
Many great singers came to sing with you
You made Zaire such an exceptional nation
You made Mobutu bow his knees to you
You were able to be Patrice Lumumba of Music 
You were able to cross borders to make impact
You truly seen well in the East and West Congo 
You made your authenticity count in the music scene 

I could keep going but these sum how much the genius Franco was in his era. He was the one who put a stamp over others. 

I give you

King of Rumba Franco. 

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