Thursday, October 29, 2015

My take on Gilberto Gil

I am speaking about Gilberto Gil

Here is my take on Mr. Gilberto Gil. The great singer of Brazil. 

He is a great singer. His voice is eternal and he will always have a good voice even as he getting old. He is pretty old. But his energy and his voice remains with him. That is largely a good thing. He has been in the music scene in Brazil and world for a long time. 

He was born in 1942. He was destined to become a big star. He started to get noticed and got some big songs. He became close to fellow Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso. They met in 1963. So now it is 52 years of friendship. That is forever great relationship compare most friendships. Gilberto Gil became more a community based singer rather really trying to be "the star". He was working with other artists more often. In fact he found his first solo success in 1969 with his song "Aquele Abraco".

But he and his friend Veloso would be arrested by Brazilian government and would live in London for 3 years. There probably Gil began to develop more English than he would have known in his native country Brazil. 

After 1972, Gilbero Gil started to go more international and his music became a combination of Caribbean and Afro-pop music together. This would lead to him find more attention from many people. This would lead an good collaboration with reggae legend Jimmy Cliff. They did a cover of Bob Marley's song "No Woman Cry". It was in 1980 which was a year before the death of Bob Marley. This song would get major popularity with many people. 

During the 1990s and 2000s, Gilberto Gil was just able to reaffirm that he is the official legend and he would become important for then upcoming Brazilian artists. 

Gilberto Gil also entered more deeply into politics during his music career. During the presidency of Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, he became the minister of culture for 5 years before he left in 2008 to to regain his focus on his music. 

Here is my opinion of Gilberto Gil. He is someone who clearly has a feel of diversity. Heck he may know some French. In 1988, he actually made a song "Ne touche pas mon pote". Gilberto Gil has well access of English since he lived in England for three years. I am happy that I know his music. He really has concern for all humanity. 

He has a dynamic voice that I enjoy and his ability to slightly hit high notes hits me because usually we don't expect that too much out of male singers. But he is Gilberto after all. So I can enjoy his music. I wish Brazil government would allow more activities from Gilberto and other Brazilian artists. 

Finally, I think more Brazilian musicians should take notes from Gilberto Gil and try to emulate what he did. Understand him and his music and try to make his sound into their own. 

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