Thursday, October 29, 2015

My wish: Evoloko Jocker and Koffi Olomide teamed up during the 1990s

It is weird that I am going to actually speak on Evoloko but I will. Plus my parents like his music. I also find Koffi overrated but at least he has some merit unlike Evoloko who primarily depended on over-hype of his small star. 

As a Koffi Olomide fan, I actually noticed that since Koffi worked with Wemba, there is one person from Zaiko that would have fitted in with Koffi. Unfortunately it is not the Zaiko singers that I enjoy. The one that I don't care for much. 

Evoloko Jocker

Because I actually had a dream that I hear Evoloko and Koffi singing on a old zaiko song that I liked a lot. Not a special one but I do like the song. I think Evoloko should have done a remix with Koffi. 

Semeki Mondo would have been the hit that I would enjoy a duo-ship with Evoloko and Koffi. Because Koffi's voice could have melded perfectly and more importantly, they would have been able to make tight animations. 

Here is my belief. During the 1990s, Evoloko and Koffi Olomide should done a album together like Koffi did with Wemba "wake up". They should have. I have good cases. 
1) Evoloko's star was pretty much gone
2) Koffi Olomide was becoming a hot shot in the Congolese music scene. 
3) Their voices are aggressive and are diverse
4) They are both narcissistic 
5) They come from the Zaiko Clan

More importantly if they worked together, guess which's career it would have benefited? Evoloko. If Evoloko had worked with Koffi at that time, I can promise you that more people would have gotten more interested in Mr. Evoloko. But since he did no do this well, you know what happens from there. 

But I am glad that Koffi Olomide and Evoloko did work together. It is good for me.

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