Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why so little use of Ana Carolina and Ivete Sangalo

I am so belittled at the fact, I have noticed very little to almost no performance or actual record between these legendary artists from Brazil. 

I am speaking about Ana Carolina and Ivete Sangalo. I have seen mostly really old videos of them together. The only times that come was in 2002 and 2007 which makes me piss off. 

I may be mean but I am so angry at the fact that Ana Carolina and Ivete Sangalo have not tried to perform more than they actually did. I mean these two artists are the ideal ones that I believe should have done more together. 

Remember the phrase: Opposites attract. 

These two singers are so different from one another. Ana Carolina is a more muscular woman with a build body and has a more masculine tone with her voice and she does more acoustic base music. Tries to be almost like Rumba was supposed to be in African Music. Ana Carolina seems more shy and soft with her personality and is not too amused by attention. At the other hand, Ivete Sangalo has more salsa type of music which involves lots of hip shaking and your body must move a lot. Also, Ivete Sangalo has a strong voice that is aggressive but very feminine and has some soft elements behind her voice. Ivete Sangalo is nice but a very flamboyant woman. This goes well into a great duet. Many people like two people that are so different from one another. 

This is precisely I am stunned that there is very little work or performances between Ana Carolina and Ivete Sangalo. Also, it does not look like their fans really want them together either. I know their music styles are not the same and I know they may not come from the inner circle. But I still hate that they don't or did not do much together.

Since this is reality, I can see that Ana Carolina and Ivete Sangalo have nothing to gain if they work together more than they did. Plus I guess they would not be a strong reaction to them being together as they would be if they heard of Ana Carolina and Chiara Civello vs Ivete Sangalo and her rival Claudia Leitte. Sucks but I guess that is life. 

I do hope in the feature, I can see performances of Ana Carolina and Ivete Sangalo together again. 

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