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Now you wondering: Why the post called Outcast. 

Well lately I have been having conflict all over. With my family, my social media life, and other things. I seem to always enter to conflict since I am not "normal". As if I ever was. 

Actually lately I have been asked over and over why I call myself Franco Pepe Kalle and not Pepe Kalle alone or Franco Tabu Ley or even Kanda Bongo Man Pepe Kalle and other names. 

This is Part Two 

Let me show Franco and Pepe Kalle in case you don't know. 

These are the two men that I consider my favorite musicians in this planet especially concerning Congolese music. 

This actually goes into my actual point of the real story. Well part of it. 

One of the major reasons why I am Franco Pepe Kalle:

What do I mean as outcast in my way:
I am misunderstood
I am very different from people my age
I cannot related to my own age group
I have few of wisdom of an older person
I am alone
I don't have someone that I can go for a refuge from my pain
I can relate to no one
I can never please any one
I am blamed for stupidity and other people's issues when often I have nothing to do with it.

When I was a kid, I was made fun of for being different and I was not able to communicate like others could. That is partially I was unable to make friends and most of my childhood until I was probably 10 years old, I was alone most of the time and I would do things by myself. Also I would play toys alone. Only social life I had was with younger brothers but they were so young and they wanted to hang with others. I was hardly exposed socially.

For 10 to 12 years, I did have a little "social" life. But here is one problem: "I have never belonged to one group". That was my situation. I hung out with different groups and different situations. That helped me get friends. 

But this plan went all wrong when I went into Junior High School and High School. I started to gain friends at the beginning but I started getting more disliked since I was different from the crowd. I started having and some of it my doing of "social problems". I was so caught in my ego and I wanted so bad to accepted by the popular and charming men. I started to overdo my love for girls and I would go in a extremely sexual way. So I would honestly focus on one area in particular. The booty. Or we would say "Butt". I would judge women mostly on their booty. I would make some stupid remarks of the booty or even the breasts and I got in trouble more than once. I went so far that I went to the principal office. I know that was some time ago but it is still painful because it happened to ME. I never imagined happening in million of years. 

Then all the private school kids came and I thought I would get more people to accept me. I was a dumbass at this time and I had not learned that this was a lie. I got a rude awakening from this after 10th grade. Afterwards, my social life went downhill and it affected my school performance. I probably had a meltdown. I had no friends and I was alone most of my time. Most around me could not understand me. 

I hated rumors a lot when I was younger. The frequent accusations that I had was that I was either a great upcoming rapist, or I was a sex addict or worse that I was a closeted homosexual. These rumors made me angry and I wanted to beat up someone because these accusations in itself disgusting. I find them to be so low and classless in my opinion. 

This affected even my college life. Though it was not bad but I could not find someone that I could really open with since they had their "crew". Social Media was not bad really until I was expressing my feelings and I realized that I need to be more careful with those that I know. 

This explains how I got into YouTube. Since I was hardly excepted into the real world, I thought social media would be nicer. Boy I turned out to be wrong. Part of it being my fault because I was voicing my anger on others and others got mad at me. To this day, I regret those actions deeply but some will never forgive me and that is their choice. I will not name anyone that I had issues or have issues right now. What the fuck would I gain doing that anyway really? 

Why did I become Franco Pepe Kalle?
Because of being an Outcast. Franco and Pepe Kalle are actual outcasts of Congolese Music. I know this to be true. For years, despite the great overload of works that Franco and Pepe Kalle produced during their times, it is largely unnoticed. Actually the most stunning thing is that actually Grand Kalle is more known with younger people than Franco and Pepe Kalle. I am not saying that it is bad but I am saying that is alarming that Franco and Pepe Kalle don't get their dues. They still get their dues. Often people argue that Franco and Pepe Kalle are overrated and they had too much help from others. My reaction is this?

Are you serious. Yes Franco and Pepe Kalle had help but little compare to the rest of the crowd. But people forget that Verckys, Tabu Ley, Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, and others were much helped than Franco and Pepe Kalle. Case in point Koffi Olomide who would be in the Pepe Kalle generation (though more in the Wenge generation), his fans insist that he was the one responsible for the Papa Wemba and he is "self-made" man. Are you kidding me? 

Koffi Olomide was not even popular with Franco and his idol Tabu Ley wanted nothing to do with him. Funny huh how his fans seem not to remember. Who wanted to help him? PAPA WEMBA. Look at songs like Anibo and Synza. Yes Koffi composed them but who made them popular as they are? Papa Wemba. 
Look at even at my posts here 

So Koffi fans, stop telling me that Koffi had everything done by himself. 

Yes Franco got help from Dewayon and Vicky Longomba to be where he would be. Yes Pepe Kalle had help from Verckys but as soon as Franco and Pepe Kalle became the legends and the kings, they showed their greatness. 

Despite Franco and Pepe Kalle accomplishments, people try to diminish their works and mostly make them to just nobodies who were "Lucky". 

This is why I call myself "Franco Pepe Kalle" 
Because I need to remind people that Franco and Pepe Kalle did a lot of work and it was not just for money but it came from hard work and determination. That is why Franco and Pepe Kalle respected each other because they made their way into the Congolese music. 

Now as result, I make my declaration. In my books, I find two kings only in Congolese Music. We have Rumba Music and Soukous Music. 

Franco is the Rumba King
Pepe Kalle is the Soukous King 

This is my final post of 2015. I will see what to do in 2016.

Actually this post goes perfectly in my upcoming post:

I will make my views about the revivals of Empire Bakuba and OK Jazz. 

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