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Pepe Kalle's important growth during the 1970s

These days I have been listening to older music of Pepe Kalle. I enjoy the 1980s and 1990s time of Pepe Kalle. I call Pepe Kalle "King of Soukous". I call Franco "King of Rumba". As I would put it, if you want Rumba, you get Franco. If you want Soukous, you get Pepe Kalle. 
1970s are one other period that demonstrate the making of the king of Soukous. The mid and late 1970s, you see when Pepe Kalle start to insert his music more and more, you are seeing the making "Soukous genre". Pepe Kalle would become important but more in the Soukous department. 
One great example of this was his song "Trahison Hadas". His voice is more "Pepe Kalle" like than the other songs. You start to see Pepe Kalle make his way of singing more prominent as he become the superstar that he was destined to be. 
Early 1980s also gave you the great growth of Pepe Kalle. You can see that Pepe Kalle has almost reach his ceiling as soon as Soukous was about to give some …