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Hello fans of my blog Classic Ambiance. BTW I have made another blog exclusively for my fans or fans of Rumba or other music things. 
Here is the linkFAN VOICES
Now you wondering: Why the post called Outcast. 
Well lately I have been having conflict all over. With my family, my social media life, and other things. I seem to always enter to conflict since I am not "normal". As if I ever was. 
Actually lately I have been asked over and over why I call myself Franco Pepe Kalle and not Pepe Kalle alone or Franco Tabu Ley or even Kanda Bongo Man Pepe Kalle and other names. 
This is Part Two 

Let me show Franco and Pepe Kalle in case you don't know. 

These are the two men that I consider my favorite musicians in this planet especially concerning Congolese music. 
This actually goes into my actual point of the real story. Well part of it. 
One of the major reasons why I am Franco Pepe Kalle:I AM AN OUTCAST. 
What do I mean as outcast in my way:I am misunderstoodI am very different from p…