Friday, January 29, 2016

Dream Trio: Franco, Josky Kiambukuta, Michelino

I actually never imagined really of Franco, Josky and Michelino together as singers. 

Until I started hearing Michelino's voice. I actually love Michelino's voice. It actually it is a rougher version of Madilu's voice. Since Madilu has so many fans, why not mention that Michelino's voice sounds very similar to Madilu. 

This is why I wished this moment would have occurred. I wish that Michelino would have sang with Djo Sex Kiambukuta and Grand Maitre Franco. They would have been in melody. More importantly, you have two guitarists singing together which usually does not happen. 

Franco and Michelino were genius when they played guitar together and I have always said that Franco was best when he played with Michelino. Better than Dizzy Mandjeku or Gerry Dialunguna, or even Papa Noel. Papa Noel was the one who sometimes overshadowed Franco. He did. '

Imagine they sang together, I think we would have some beautiful melody. After all, as I already Michelino sounds like Madilu. Believe me. Michelino is slightly more harsher in his voice than Madilu was. 

Josky would be the perfect third man because his voice was smooth and outgoing and able to compliment any singers. I believe Josky would have been perfect with Franco and Michelino. 

Just imagine
A trio with Franco, Josky and Michelino. 

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