Thursday, December 22, 2016

Nyoka Longo vs Pepe Felly

Hello people. I am back after some unbelievable times, I am finally back to reality. But I got a beef that I did know that it was serious. 

Pepe Felly and Nyoka Longo has been revived. Looks like death of Papa Wemba has led to this beef but I think I may know the cause. 

Some know that Zaiko Langa Langa in 1969, which had Meridjo, Nyoka Longo, Pepe Felly and Papa Wemba. But Papa Wemba left Zaiko in 1975, and Nyoka Longo started to insert leadership bit by bit but one person did not follow. Tat was Pepe Felly. Pepe Felly started to become very poular in Zaiko and he started to provoke Nyoka Longo and Longo had enough of it and Pepe was suspended in 1979. By 1980, Pep Felly started his group Grand Zaiko or Zaiko Wawa Wawa. One of them had a Nyoka Longo impersonator who was Djo Nickel. Looks like the resentment between Nyoka Loongo never went away ever in their lives. Never. It is so important. 

In fact Nyoka Longo got scared of Grand Zaiko. It had two big stars in Soukous music. Shimita and Defao. It appears that Defao hates Nyoka Longo and it is pretty mutual. So as result of Longo's fear, he stole a few musicians. 

One big player that came from Grand Zaiko was Adamo Ekula. Adam Ekula would be a big player in Zaiko Langa Langa Langa after likes of Dindo Yogo left. He would make a some impressive songs like Top Premier and Exil. 

Any other information for Adamo Ekula 
Profile Consider: Adamo Ekula

Honestly personally speaking, I am addicted to his voice I envy his voice so much. He has been so good and when he sings, it feels like magic. I am certain that Adam Ekula is in good terms with Nyoka Longo and Pepe Felly. 

Also what gives away their feud is that you saw them only tolerate each other for other people not to really recognize their tension. 

But their feud goes into how apparently Zaiko actually started. 
Here is the video of the basis of my article 

Now from this video, it is actually how Zaiko Langa Langa started. I have no idea but I have never heard Nyoka Longo actually even speak on how Zaiko has started though he is the leader of this group today. 

But Pepe Felly claims that Zaiko Langa Langa Nkolo Mboka never existed when the group began around late 1969 or Tout Choc Langa Langa. Also he implies that Nyoka Longo did really exist when the group was beginning its process. Oh boy, I don't what Longo will say but I doubt he will say anything. 

Also he implies that he is the one who knew real talent and kind of implying that Nyoka Longo does not apperciate or acknowledge talent. He mentions Adamo Ekula and Shimita. 

I am not sure if Adamo and Pepe Felly get along. I will probably never really know. 

I will finish with this, I know Nyoka Longo and Pepe Felly will probably be great friends at all but this leads me to wonder about the Papa Wemba situation with Nyoka Longo since Papa Wemba was closer to Pepe Felly. Who knows? 

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