Saturday, January 28, 2017

What would Zaiko Langa Langa be like if it was run by Pepe Felly and not Nyoka Longo

Nyoka Longo

Pepe Felly

There is a big question for Zaiko fans. One former member that people speak about the most. It ain't Dindo Yogo or even Papa Wemba. It is Felix Mankauku better known as Pepe Felly

But I do pose a question about them. What would be Zaiko be like if it was led by Pepe Felly instead of Nyoka Longo and Nyoka Longo formed another Zaiko clan maybe called "Zaiko Mabina" or "Zaiko Dance". 

Here is my theory 
Pepe Felly actually would have made Zaiko much better. Really? Yes much better. Because Pepe Felly founded some amazing singers during his great time with Grand Zaiko. I mean think about Adamo Ekula, Djeffar Lukombo, Djo Poster, Shimita and even Defao. Unbelievable. 

I think Pepe Felly would have created some groups within Zaiko and you would see what kind of singers sing together. I mean Pepe Felly had a feeling who was who and which kind could fit in a given song. 

Want evidence of this. Nyoka Longo would steal musicians like anyone but where do they usually come from?


No kidding. One particular example of this was the addition of Adamo Ekula. He would be a big backup singer in Zaiko and he would make some amazing songs as well as strong vocals.In fact he would be stronger than Malage de Lugendo. I wish Adamo had done songs with Madilu. I think Adamo would have been a great duet partner to Madilu. That is my opinion anyway. 

Also finally Pepe Felly managed to bother Nyoka Longo with the fact that he founded singers who sounded like the Zaiko singers. One Nyoka Longo impostor was Djo Poster. Now you would think Nyoka Longo not care but he did. It bothered that someone who sounded like him. SMH. Anyway, Nyoka Longo would steal musicians from this group like I said before. 

So would Zaiko have been better with Pepe felly. I say yes. 

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