Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dream Trio: Defao, Kester Emeneya, Werrason

Hello friends, I am ready to do a dream trio that some people will hate with passion. Deep passion but I will do it. 

I am going to do a dream trio that should have happened with the Generation Zaiko with Generation Wenge. I am talking about Le Grand General Defao, King Kester Emeneya, and Roi de forêt Werrason. These three would have been the great trio in the age of Wenge and Zaiko. Why? 

I will give some reasons
1) Werrason is not a great singer but he can sing well in a structured choir 
2) Kester Emeneya is so diverse with his voice that it can move in any direction that you see fit
3) Kester Emeneya and Werrason sound similar but you can put them in different roles regarding choirs.
4) Defao can add the energy with choir alongside Kester Emeneya and Werrason
5) Defao sounds like Pepe Kalle 
6) It can act like Empire Bakuba 

If this trio existed, you would see Empire Bakuba like voices in a given song. But there is a twist. Usually Pepe Kalle and Dilu Dilumona are the low range singers but this case the "Pepe Kalle" and "Dilu Dilumona" are a bit different. Defao would play the Dilu Dilumona role and Werrason would play the Pepe Kalle role while Kester Emeneya would play the Papy Tex. Kester is able to sing high notes better than the other two, so he would be the "high range" singer. 

I am not saying that Werrason sounds like Pepe Kalle nor Defao sounds like Dilu Dilumona or Kester Emeneya sounds like Papy Tex. But I am only speaking how they would likely sing if they sang together in a song or songs. However as I said before, Defao sounds similar to Pepe Kalle. Dilu Dilumona did sing on a Defao song which he sang alongside Likinga Redo

Now Defao did work with Werrason on his Bana Congo album and Werrason also worked with Kester Emeneya on a song from the album "Toujours Humble". Though Werrason did not sing alongside with them, I do think if they did sing all together, it would be a well arranged choir. That is my opinion. 

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