Friday, March 31, 2017

Dream Trio: Franco, Josky, Pepe Kalle

I got to make some great trio dream that should have happened during the 1980s era.

It is Luambo Makiadi Pene Okundji alias Franco, Josky Kiambukuta and Jean Kabasele Yampanya alias Pepe Kalle

Franco and Josky should have added Pepe Kalle's voice into their album Missile. It would have been a blast in my opinion. 

Because I notice that Josky was wanting another singer alongside him when he sang those songs. He sang in double voices in most of those songs. My belief that this album would have been better with Pepe Kalle. 

Pepe Kalle is diverse with his voice and like Josky, can go high or low, it will sound good regardless. Pepe Kalle's high voice is impressive for a man who is usually baritone. 

Also Franco and Josky should have done another project with Pepe Kalle where they could have done some Empire Bakuba like songs and OKJ and Afrisa type of songs to appeal not only to youth but the elders as well. 

Pepe Kalle was one of the few from the Soukous age who could somewhat appeal to the elder audience. After all he sounded a bit like Tabu Ley during his early days.

Also it was no secret that Franco was addicted to Pepe Kalle's voice. Amazingly one song of OKJ, Franco almost sounded like Pepe Kalle. 

Franco and Pepe Kalle would have sounded perfect with a voice of Josky in a Franco song where it was a trio type of song. 

I got one song in particular that would have fitted Franco, Josky and Pepe Kalle together. TEMPS MORT

There is another song that would have fitted Franco well with Josky and Pepe Kalle 
Ebembe ya Soso par Pepe Kalle

It would have been a great thing if this trio had occurred during the 1980s era. It would have been a great gap between the elders and the youth. 

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