Sunday, June 18, 2017

Benefits of Madilu and Nyboma partnership

I got you guys for the benefits from a partnership of Madilu and Nyboma. 

1) It created a new duoship of two legends
Madilu and Nyboma made something new of making a duoship worth hearing and they made a distinctive sound. 

2) Madilu saw a good person to work with
Madilu saw that Nyboma was always willing to help him. Nyboma was the one who arranged a lot of Madilu's incredible songs that you heard through most of Madilu's classic works. Nyboma always made Madilu's music better. 

3) Appreciation
Nyboma and Madilu appreciated each other since they sang together so often. Also there was a sense of respect for one another since they had a great musical connection. Furthermore, there was a sense of good compliments like Madilu often said "Coko Nyboma" and Nyboma would respond with more joy. '

This formula played a huge role in Madilu's great success. Part of the reason of his great successful solo career, was due to the participation of Nyboma himself in many of those songs. This formula helped people discover Madilu. It helped people to appreciate and love the voice of Madilu with great support of people with Nyboma like Luciana or Wuta Mayi as examples. 

5) Consistency 
It helped people know that Madilu had a certain vocal arrangement. You knew that it had a certain way of going on many Madilu songs. Typically you would have Wuta Mayi and Nyboma with another person with someone like Ballou Canta or Malage de Lugendo or Luciana. But that sort of changed a bit on Bonne Humeur but it was consistent on most Madilu's work. Also furthermore, you could also count on Nyboma being on most of Madilu's solo work. Nyboma was consistent on his role with Madilu as a backup man and arranger of Madilu's great work. 

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