Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Most Lady Gaga fans are so stupid

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Forgive me. Please forgive me. I have been having a bad day today as well as yesterday. I was not able to post because I was falling unto war with so many stupid people. The stupid ones I am speaking of are the dumbest fan base i have seen a while who is Lady Gaga fans or Lady Gargara fans. Let me put it in some Lingala vulgar: Zoba fans du Lady Garagara Gargara.

Yesterday I was making a statement on another artist: ADELE.
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I said that Adele is one of today's artists to still produce good music in pretty much depressing Music scene. Let's face it, there is nothing good or anything coming from the music scene today. 75 percent of the new materials are absolute garbage. Most of today's music is so below par that it is the great depression basically. I will not waste my time hearing the garbage new music that is today. There are exceptions. Like Ferre Gola and Adele. I love them so much. Their music is so gold material to me. They are the ones making proper music.
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Adele and Ferre Gola have made two songs that I enjoy so much as a music listener in today's depressing music scene. Adele's Someone Like You and Ferre Gola's Lekelekeleke are songs that I enjoy so much and I conisder to art. REAL ART. These two artists are the best singers and they know what they want to do: Make music for our souls. I like that.

Instead, some Gaga fans (well dumb ones) thought I was dicing their messiah Lady Gaga and I told them that I was not. They accused me of hating Adele when that was never the case. What finally angered stupid Lady Gaga fans when I pointed out that Adele's 21 had more success than Lady Gaga's Born this way. This set off most dumb Lady Gaga fans and know they want to kill me or make my life miserable because I am not part of the Lady Gaga spell. No surprise since Most Lady Gaga fans are the dumbest people to be around.

What does not surprise me is that most Lady Gaga fans are the dumbest people ever. Most of them are angry and whiny people. All they want to do is slander other artists to somehow make Lady Gaga the greatest artist ever. That is so laughable. They want to hate on people who don't love Lady Gaga hardcore like they do.

Even Koffi Olomide fan bases are more respectful. For example, Haha La Prof loves Koffi so much and he is consistent on his love for him. For example, Haha La Prof was nicely made when I was dicing Koffi and he told me to tone down my anger. I did. Haha La Prof is a smart humble Congolese man and he is a big patriot. He is very into Congolese Music like I am. He loves Zaiko Langa Langa, OK Jazz, Afrisa, and Africa Jazz. Of course he is a diehard fan of Koffi Olomide. No problem with me. In fact, Haha La Prof himself had a chance to play with Tabu Ley so he loves him so much. Understandable. Koffi's fans are the most loyal. You got some notable characters which are Mobali Mosusu, and Haha La Prof. They stand by their man no matter what. They love their idol no matter. They said that their idol is why they love music a lot. I apperciate them for their love of music.

But not all Lady Gaga fans are bad and stupid. There is one Lady Gaga fan who happens to be a big Koffi Olomide fan. That person is Queen Alicia. She even told me herself that she considers her a genius. I apperciate that too. There are good Lady Gaga fans.

Sadly the notable Lady Gaga fans are the dumb ones and they just sound idoitic and dislike anyone who does not worship their messiah Lady Gaga.

For the Stupid Lady Gaga fans: FUCK THEM. YEP I SAID IT. FUCK THEM.

P.S. I will try to make a case why Adele and Ferre Gola are the best artists in the current Music scene.

I will also write more about Lady Gaga and why she is overrated. +

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  1. Well, you gotta be a retard, to listen to this big load of crap which gaga "creates"


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