Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I am happy being different?

Hello to my dear friends from all over the world (USA, Congo (DRC and Brazzaville), Colombia, Peru, Kenya, Tanzania, United Kingdom, France, Austraila) and etc. I am here to talk more on life in general today too.

Well where I live, I get tons of questions. The thing I want people to know about me is that I am not a popular man. I am not a popular person. I have a very complicated life. My family has endured so much abuse. My family has endured a lot of hate from some people. My parents are my great friends and I will thank them for my success. I am a student after all, I have made some dumb decisions which is why I appericiate my parents even more. I am a grateful man and I enjoy my parents at a lot. I am often asked why I am not popular like my brother or why am I not popular? It is a tough question to be honest and It has taken time to answer but I do have something to say.

Let me get started on this and I am about to make a statement that may get me in big trouble but I am going to say it anyway. I am so happy that I am different. I have a enjoyment of being different. I am a person who is way different from let's just say very stupid misguided classmates.

I make this statement because I am beginning to see the goodness of being different from everyone else. I see this because I have made some statements and most of my colleagues are angry and hate on me for being "DIFFERENT".

One of them is being a proud virgin. I have some sexual fantasies that pop up from time to time but I have managed to control in may ways I did not think I could but I did. What happened was that I was being diced for not fucking a woman on Valetine's day. I decided to make a bold statement saying that I could care less if someone had sex because it is not my business to know in the first place. I said that I would make with someone with some honey and rose because I like those two together. It makes a perfect way for sex but I will do that once I AM ACTUALLY MARRIED. I got a lot of flack and surprinsingly some good back up. One person even pointed out that he did sex too and he lost himself and that Jesus said that sex was meant to be for marriage. Amen to that man for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because of that incident, I felt somewhat guilty for saying that and many people gave me so much hate and anger towards me that I was beginning to feel like a total failure and I began feeling like I was being a nobody.

But as always it makes me better. Now I feel like a happy determined man. Also, I have realized one thing: Being very from everyone is really a blessing. This means I can discover my own self and not having to waste energy on other people.

For example, most of my colleagues are just clowns. They have millions and millions of friends and links around them. Also what they talk about is so usual and annoying too. As one of my misguided collaegues says "SEX AND ROCK & ROLL". Such a clushsay huh. Whatever, it means nothing to me.

While I don't have either of those stuff but I do have something: A youtube account, a family (a good one), and of course my blog. Here I am different from most of my stupid colleagues. Here generally I talk music of my kind which is usually Urban and African. Urban like R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop. African like Congolese Music generally. So I dig those music more than let's say ROCK and ROLL.

I happen to be a big fan of Two Congolese Greatest Stars ever name Franco and Pepe Kalle. These two are the King of Congolese Music. Franco is the Rumba King and Pepe Kalle is the Soukous King. These two men make me so happy when I hear their music so much. I appericate their music a lot. Because of that is why I name myself Franco Pepe Kalle.

Also I am a open minded person though at times I can be stubborn. For example, I used to not care for some Colombian stuff. But because I kept an open mind to that life, something occured. When I found out that Joe Arroyo passed away, I intially did not care until I heard his songs. There for some reason I felt some connection to him and I began wanting to hear more Joe Arroyo. Thanks to my love for Joe Arroyo and some Colombians now I have some connection. I have some Colombian friends. See what can happen, keep open mind and good things occur.

My point is that I am so happy that I am different from everyone and I have a great family. I am grateful for what I actually have. While most of my classmates are whining and complain about not having enough, I am grateful for a few things I got. I will never be part of a group but I will continue to do what I can to live and do I what do which is be a student and be a blogger. Have a nice day.

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