Friday, May 4, 2012

Value of Mariah Carey's Whistle Register

I got the great value of Mariah Carey's great voice and her known thing that got her pretty much all her recognition: WHISTLE REGISTER.

Now you wonder what it is huh, well you wonder what the hell is a whistle register? Well it is a whistle that is basically singing sound. It mean you yell whistle. That is the Whistle Register. It was popularized by the likes of Minnie Riperton.

But one person who used it a lot and got fame for it alone was and is Mariah Carey. This woman used this throughout her career. It got her some great recognition. It made her so popular. I mean Mariah used this a lot on some of her records. It made her a legend.

The value of Mariah Carey's whistle register is very high. I enjoy it because it makes Mariah stand out from her rest of her generation. The value of Mariah's whistle register is good because that is also the way she was able to make some valuable performances as well as duets. It led to her being able to keep going as a singer. That is why the value of Mariah's Whistle Register is so key for Carey herself.

Here is some collection from Carey's Whistle Register


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