Friday, May 4, 2012

Was Pamelo Mounka's last album good or not?

OK now I am back doing what I do best, I am going to start by asking one important question: WAS PAMELO MONUK'A'S LAST ALBUM GOOD OR NOT?

Why do I ask this question, well because I have seen people make fun of this album saying it is completely crap or it is a masterpiece or belongs to the garbage can. Well here what I think of the final album of Pamelo Mounka.
If you want the actual music of Mounka with the songs, go to this post here

I say this album is a great masterpiece. Yep I said it is a masterpiece. Now why do I say that. Because there are some unqiue songs from this album. Now obviously the guitars stink and the guitars don't bring anything special but the vocals are on top notch especially from Pamelo himself.

The two songs I really like from this album is Shuna and Marie-Line M'A Dit. These two songs, you see some unique singing of Pamelo Mounka. Do not forget that you got some unique characters themselves on this album like Shimita and Ballou Canta. I mean that equals gold in the songs and they mean some valuable stuff. Also Shuna, Pamelo's poetic voice fitted in the soukous song itself. That is what I call genius.

So you got my answer: The album was good.

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