Monday, June 25, 2012

What is wrong with the Church?

 Why did I make a post about Vercky's 1972 controversial song Nakomitunaka (Verckys deals with Race in the Church) and Madilu's 2005 known song Maman Intercesseuse (Madilu exposes the church with its own desires of Money). THey have something to do with one thing and the essiential thing: THEY DEAL WITH THE MAJOR FLAWS OF THE CHURCH.

So here what I am essientially going to focus on: The major wrongs of the church. A lot of people think the church has just been corrupt now. That is far from true. Though I hate politics, however I am fascianted with history especially dealing with the church. In fact even during the BC years, the church had long had interest in their own flesh desires and not actually serving GOD himself. In fact one man who tried to raise this issue with John the bapist, and he basically sort of paid the price for trying to get the church to do the work of GOD not of their own flesh desires. This led to some major conflicts to come and it led to more issues in jerualism and Israel.

Jesus also questioned the church as he says all these priests pretend that they really are the true GOD servers when really they wanted to just get things that they wanted. Jesus was different. He actually believe in healing people. In fact, Jesus healed lots of people in his own church which was a church that had interesting to trying to make GOD happy and see his work be done. Jesus's love and his desire for people ultimately costed his life as some of the church hated his message of uniting and less fighting. Jesus was seen as the evil man but now Jesus is seen as a person who should be the ultimate idol.

I am pointing out that even in the bible days, figures like Jesus and John the Bapist were condemnded harshly for wanting to fix the church because they knew what the church was doing was so wrong.

And because of this, the church becomes more and more corrupt and it leads to more problems. Because of the stupidity of the church, it leads to major divisions of the church. Christianity becomes soon several divisons. Soon Christianity who becomes into Lutherism, Catholicism, Anglican, and Methodism and other fractions. But all the fractions have something in common: They only include some parts of the bible and use that for their theology. Because of that, many christians don't get along which now is why we have several churches of the thealogy. This is dumb because we only become ignorant and we become so into ourselves and not understand others.

Worse, these churches all have their major flaws. For example in England with the catholic church, it was a obligation for people to pay every single sunday to the church if they did not then they had to pay a tax fine and that would increase if they did not pay that tax. Comes the protetant church, there are so many problems with this church. I mean there are several fractions and no clear unity between. One particular group of people that has had issues was the group lutherism. One thing that many don't know about the man Martin Luther himself was he hated Jews. In fact, Adolf Hitler used a lot of Martin Luther's teaching to justify his hatred of the Jews and his reasons of why Jews deserved to be killed. Some people in the Lutherism church hold a major hatred of Jews and want Jews to be tortured and killed. SO SAD, HUH.

The history of the corruption of the church has led to some major pain, divisions and hatred. One particular thing that the church has done is use racism from the bible verses especially when it comes to slavery. Many churches used the bible to make blacks into slaves and were forced to thing for the powerful people. Also the church has misused the bible to justify that there should be no biracial marriage around. That it is so damn wrong. So patheticly false.

Also the church often protrays the bible figures as white people. This is why Verckys decided to question this on his song Nakomituna where he is asking rightfully why is it that only bible figures are white. I mean that is a good question but apparently that is dumb according to the church. 

Also the church has used money for fleshly desires not for the work of the almightly GOD. It has miused money for purposes for pastors or other church figures to get money and get things that only make them so happy. The church has forgotten that THEY NEED PEOPLE TO HAVE MONEY IN ORDER FOR THEM TO GET MONEY. Madilu was speaking about this on his song Maman Intercessuese. He speaks about a woman who asks to have some money but the preachers say that money only belongs to the church. You wonder also why the church is so stupid.

One good note that has exposed the crap of the church is Jefferson Bethke. This man made an ad saying that Jesus does not equal religion. He is the man who had the balls to finally expose the evil of the church. He correctly point out that Jesus means grace and love while relgiion means rules & bondages. I mean this man says that the church should stop relying on religion and rely on JESUS and GOD alone.

Here is the video
Here is the explanation behind the first video

Here is the ultimate thing I am trying to make. I do not hate the church. I respect the church and I know right from wrong. But I don't trust the church fully because I know it can be so corrupt. I have seen the wrong of the church. I trust Jesus. Jesus is the holy figure. I only hope the church becomes better and learn from its mistake.

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