Friday, January 31, 2014

Josky/Madilu- DESTIN Lp

I am so happy about posting this great LP where we have two great stars of the generation new wave for us. I am speaking about two TPOK Jazz grand singers name Josky Kiambukuta and Madilu System. They produced a masterpiece where they would get some stardom success with their lp called DESTIN. This Lp would bring for these two stars for us to enjoy.

Let me get started with the song Erreur Personelle. This song was so good with the voice of Josky Kiambukuta. I mean you could feel the spirit of Josky ability to sound smooth and yet graceful with his voice. Also, you have Madilu and Josky sounding perfect together. Also it had the blast of Rigo Star and it was able to make the completetion of the great song. 

Then we get to the great song Sincerete by Josky Kiambukuta also. He was the man behind the great song. He was very passionate in this song and he was able to provide some valuable entertainment for us. More importantly the sebene was so banging and it got some skill of Rigo Star who was doing his magic on the guitars and bass. Man I got boose bumps hearing the guitars of Rigo Star.

The song that got me some goosebumps which is the song Pierre. Madilu System actually gives us a reason to want to listen to his songs. His voice in this song is very passionate and seems to enjoy singing this song. Josky and Madilu just put their voices into some beautiful melody. It was something that was so worth hearing as a music listener. 

Let's get into the song that officially made the begin of the legend of Madilu System La Grand Ninja. I am speaking about the song Biya. In fact this song is the one song that made the legend of Madilu System. In fact this song got so much popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Heck he even redid this song on his third solo album Sans Commentaire. That is how significant this song is. 

I  think people should hear this LP. I love this LP and it is total classic.  

New Year Happy Day

I am so happy that we enter 2014. I am happy to once again post for you guys to enjoy some comments from me and yours truly Franco Pepe Kalle. 

You wonder why I have not been posting. It is because I have had a rough and busy year in 2013 dealing with lots of issues and spent a bit too much time doing Facebook and finding myself watching too much reality TV. And my college life had kicked in a lot. 

But luckily right now, I am bit less crazed with things. Now I get a chance to give you a new year. 

I am hopeful that I can give you some posts. 

Soon I will get started on the Madilu train soon enough. Enjoy your day. I will post soon. 

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