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Dream Duet: Ntesa Dalienst & Papa Wemba

 Picture from WorldService (check his blog out, excellent output of classic African Music). Ntesa Dalienst

 Papa Wemba

I am amazed that I have been still going through some stuff. Facebook and College are two interesting entities I can say. But I have had also been dealing with taxes since I did a little work (because I am a college student right now). 

Now let me focus on my first post about my series called 


Now I am about to speak on two people that I feel should have done a solo project or a duet song for my pleasure. I found two people that should done something together for a great song in a moment during Congolese Music scene during 1970s, 1980s or even 1990s. 

I am speaking about OK Jazz alum legend Ntesa Dalienst with Zaiko alum and leader of Viva La Musica Papa Wemba. These two men should have made some music together. In fact I have five reasons why I believe that they should have made joints together. 

1) Ntesa is very a variable singer. He has so many styles that he can sing. He can practically sing with anyone 
2) Despite being from the Zaiko age, Papa Wemba has always appreciated the older Congolese Rumba music. In fact, he often mentioned Wendo Kolosoy the original founding fathers of Congolese music alongside Grand Kalle
3) As they got older, their voices either remained the same or only got better. 
4) Ntesa and Wemba started their musical careers around the same time (right around 1966 to 1968). 
5) Papa Wemba has made few songs with some OK Jazz alums. Like Simaro, Josky, Sam Mangwana and Madilu

Here is a young Ntesa here
Here is Papa Wemba singing with Madilu

I feel like that Papa Wemba would gather a little more respect from the Elder Rumba community if he had sang with Ntesa Dalienst in a nice classic rumba odemba song because it would have showcased Wemba's ability to remain himself while Ntesa would bring his unbelievable magic behind a song. 

Or even like a soukous style, at least allow song singing magic before the sebene comes along. 

Here is one Ntesa song that would be excellent with Wemba. 
In this song "Yambi Cherie" originally had Sam Mangwana and Ntesa who were perfect duos in my opinion. But if a remake was to be done with Ntesa, another person was to be added. I would say, I go with Papa Wemba. 

Here is a Papa Wemba that I feel that Ntesa Dalienst would fit perfectly. 

In this song "Efeka Mandundu" that would have Papa Wemba sing with Wendo whom Wemba adores a lot. But I feel like a remix would be necessary. I think that only away from the Zaiko clan would be Ntesa Dalienst. I believe Ntesa would make the song more normal than Wendo did. Furthermore, this song would be more known if a Ntesa was part of it than a Wendo type. 

I will conclude with this: Papa Wemba and Ntesa Dalienst were top notch vocalists. They both sang well in their genres. But I think they would have been a great duo to make some music together. But it is just fantasy. Regardless, I think their collaboration would have been good for the Congolese Music scene as a whole. 

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