Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dream Duet: Evoloko Jocker and Lady Gaga

I wish two singers that should sing together. 


Relating to my post about Evoloko's 1991 lp, I found someone that I think that Evoloko should sing with if he ever decided to remix his 1991 songs. 
Check the 1991 post tribute
Evoloko's 1991 classic LP

I am speaking of Lady Gaga. Since Evoloko's 1991 was a pop album, one other person would fit his music of international pop. Mrs. Gaga. Plus the female singers do sound like her. 

I actually have a good reason of putting these two stars together. Very good reasons. But I will one main reason: THEY WERE BOTH OVERRATED STARS. They were made a bigger than they actually were. As I expected, they crashed and crashed badly. People got fed up with them after making them a bigger deal than they actually were. 

Evoloko's high life was essentially from 1981 to 84 when his Langa Langa Stars became a common band. Lady Gaga's high life was from 2008 to 2013. Just four or five years. Now they are mostly forgotten. Lady Gaga has a chance to regain her star but it is unlikely as people want other pop stars other than HER. Evoloko had no chance after 1984 as people went to other people like his friends Bozi Boziana and Papa Wemba

But the difference is that Lady Gaga has a delicious voice and Evoloko's voice is just something that you don't understand. Listen to Lady Gaga's performances with Tony Bennett, you hear water from Lady Gaga's vocals. I have posted quite a few songs of Evoloko. If you like them, please enjoy as much as you like. 

But I believe that Evoloko would be good if he had a good duet partner. I believe Lady Gaga would be the one. They both have aggressive tones. They love to experiment their voices. They both can rap. Evoloko is a good animator. That is one thing that I do like about Evoloko. Lady Gaga could spit some rhymes if she wanted to. 

These two stars were made for each other. They are both arrogant and flamboyant and nuts. Since they have wild personalities, it would be so much fun to get these artists to work together. 

The only probable problem is that Evoloko does not know English well and Lady Gaga only really knows English. But however I believe that a USA producer who knows some African culture should find a way to bridge this gap. 

Plus Lady Gaga and Evoloko flamboyance can be fun and you can be able to have a good time with it. That is the truth. 

I think if Evoloko and Lady Gaga made an duet together, it would be something that could so enjoyable that fans of both sides can be dancing. 

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