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Dream Duet: Ntesa Dalienst & Papa Wemba

Picture from WorldService (check his blog out, excellent output of classic African Music). Ntesa Dalienst

Papa Wemba

I am amazed that I have been still going through some stuff. Facebook and College are two interesting entities I can say. But I have had also been dealing with taxes since I did a little work (because I am a college student right now). 

Now let me focus on my first post about my series called 


Now I am about to speak on two people that I feel should have done a solo project or a duet song for my pleasure. I found two people that should done something together for a great song in a moment during Congolese Music scene during 1970s, 1980s or even 1990s. 

I am speaking about OK Jazz alum legend Ntesa Dalienst with Zaiko alum and leader of Viva La Musica Papa Wemba. These two men should have made some music together. In fact I have five reasons why I believe that they should have made joints together. 

1) Ntesa is very a variable singer. He has so many styles that he …