Celine Dion has a rough year start in 2016


2016 has been a sour start for Celine Dion. Just days after the death of her husband of René Angélil, one of her siblings passed away also from cancer as well. We are speaking about Daniel Dion. Céline Dion has been going through tough times as two people that I know she loved were going through cancer. 

Previous posts about Celine's husband 

Now with both of them passed on, I know it will be a tough time for Celine Dion. It is so difficult to bear with losing her people in this world. But I believe that Celine Dion will bounce back. 

She is a survivor and she is strong. I believe that Celine Dion will overcome these deaths and use them as inspiration for her new music whenever it comes. 

Good luck to Celine Dion. 

Which is why I will make her a important focus on my serious "Dream Duets". 


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