Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dream Trio: Adam Ekula, Defao, Shimita

This dream trio should have been in Grand Zaiko and it is so unfortunate that it never happened in Grand Zaiko. This dream trio should have came and got together to make great melodies as three singers. 

I am speaking of three former members of Grand Zaiko who were Adamo Ekula, Defao and Shimita. These men are important in discussion of Generation Zaiko. Defao and Shimita are princes of Soukous music while Adamo was the milk of singing. His vocals are too much for me. 

I think these men should have a trio song on a Pepe Felly album. Here is why? Because these are the men that managed to impress people like Nyoka Longo. They were his singers. I wish Pepe Felly would have gotten these men to work together on a beautiful song where their voices would have molded well together. 

After all, Shimita and Defao sounded together when they sang together in Grand Zaiko. Also they did two songs on Dally Kimoko's solo album
Just listen how good they sounded together 

BTW I will do my own post on Kin Night about Defao and Shimita on YouTube soon. 

More importantly look at Adamo Ekula and Shimita in this song, Ma Bibi. Shimita and Adamo connected so well that other singers had to put in their place 
Listen here

BTW Shimita loved this song of Adamo that he decided to remix 2014 with the voices of Djo Nickel (Nyoka Longo copycat) and Desouza Santu as Djeffar Lukombo of Afrisa. 
Hear it here

Finally, I got something from Adamo Ekula himself. I asked him if he had sung with Defao, and he said yes and then he got me this song that he did with Defao and it sounds amazing. 
It is called Hondo Cava 
Adamo Ekula et Defao chantent Hondo Cava

Oh my it sounds so good. I mean too good. Because these two men were on point with their voices. It reminds of Nyboma and Pepe Kalle. Sadly only two songs contain voices of Adamo Ekula and Defao together. They should have done more music together. They would have been a better duo than Nyboma and Pepe Kalle. Adamo would be the Nyboma type and Defao would be the Pepe Kalle type. BTW Defao sounds similar to Pepe Kalle, so it is no surprise there in that sense. 

Fortunately these men are alive. I am crossing my fingers for a Grand Zaiko reunion with only these men and no else. No Djeffar Lukombo nor Djo Nickel. I want only Defao alongside Adamo Ekula and Shimita. 

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