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My proposition on Soul Music

Well some days ago, I had a interesting conversation with someone on want SOUL MUSIC is? Well, I have no idea. Then someone made a weird suggestion. There is a thing called Jamaican Soul Music. I was like, this person must be in a stupid land. Then I checked if there is such thing. Well actually there is such thing as JAMAICAN SOUL MUSIC. The question that has been wondering in my head is the following: WHAT IS SOUL MUSIC?

I make my proprosition on what soul music actually is. Well Soul Music is music where it was generated by Black people to make music where the Black person sang in a certain way. I mean this music was meant to be where you were known for singing and that SOUL voice you would have.

This music has so many styles of this music. I mean there are many. We have Motown Soul (Detroit), Nu-Jazz and soulful electronia, Deep Soul (Southern), Memphis Soul, New Orleans Soul, Blue-eyed Soul, Neo Soul, British Soul, Northern Soul (Modern), Chicago Soul, and Philadelphia Soul. These…

What is it about me?

I have found another interesting question to myself which is something important? I ask this: WHAT IS IT ABOUT ME?

Well I have found out that people have huge misconceptions about me.

One of them is that I am a musician and that I have my own band. What type of thinking is that. Yep you hear people saying that I am a musician. Also people that I am actually FRANCO PEPE KALLE. What is this. Many others think I am a music promoter.

Let me set things straight. First of all, Franco Pepe Kalle is a personality name of mine, not a real one. Also I am not a musician nor a promoter. I am a youtuber and blogger who just wants to show the uniqueness of Franco and Pepe Kalle. I am also a student. If you want my real name, well you going to have to email me through two emails which are either or There if you want my real name then I will tell you my real name. However one thing is true: I am a Congolese American.

That concludes my rant for…

Why I am happy being different?

Hello to my dear friends from all over the world (USA, Congo (DRC and Brazzaville), Colombia, Peru, Kenya, Tanzania, United Kingdom, France, Austraila) and etc. I am here to talk more on life in general today too.

Well where I live, I get tons of questions. The thing I want people to know about me is that I am not a popular man. I am not a popular person. I have a very complicated life. My family has endured so much abuse. My family has endured a lot of hate from some people. My parents are my great friends and I will thank them for my success. I am a student after all, I have made some dumb decisions which is why I appericiate my parents even more. I am a grateful man and I enjoy my parents at a lot. I am often asked why I am not popular like my brother or why am I not popular? It is a tough question to be honest and It has taken time to answer but I do have something to say.

Let me get started on this and I am about to make a statement that may get me in big trouble but I am going t…

Youlou Soukous Thunder

Man this weekend was incredibly great. I had a good time discussing music and just having fun with my family.

One thing I have been having the most fun with is listening to the soukous music of one man I used to be a fanatic of. I am speaking former OK Jazz vocalist and former Kamikaze Loningisa leader Youlou Mabiala. Yep he made some great soukous songs during the 1990s. When I am listening to two Youlou soukous songs, I feel like in a great mood. Sebenes are so perfect with great animations, great guitars, and perfect percussion. This is how good music should be made of.

I want to show you these songs so you can understand why I enjoy these songs so much. They are Pardon Maya and Potpourri 2.

Interview with a ex-Soul Dancer

Here is a interview with a former Soul Train personnel name Ervin Bernard Thompson. Here he talks to Soul Train about his life.
There have been many great dancers on Soul Train. But one of the best–if not the best–dance couples in the history of Soul Train was Erwin Bernard Thompson and Diane Thompson, who happened to be the only married couple who ever danced on the program. Their routines and moves were always perfectly coordinated and timed and they were always a treat to watch down the Soul Train line. They were even featured in an exclusive interview in Right On magazine. Here is the story behind the couple known as Soul Train’s dancing duo and who should be inducted into the Soul Train Dancer Hall of Fame as told by Erwin Bernard Thompson. Erwin, thank you for your time in giving us this interview. My first question is where are you originally from?
Erwin Bernard Thompson: Right here in Los Angeles. Did you love to dance when you were a child?
Erwin Ber…

Soul Train Importance: Whitney Houston

I have the pleasure to show you importance from Soul Train who covers one artist who died too soon. That person is Whitney Houston. She is someone who just brought some great impact to music in general.

Here is the story.

In February 1985, a relatively unknown singer named Whitney Houston made her first and only appearance on Soul Train. Although this was not her first television appearance, it was her first to promote her debut album self-titled “Whitney Houston.”

To complement the stunning blue dress Houston wore, the backdrop and neon Soul Train sign were both lit to fit the mood of the song she was about to perform, the first single release from the album, the soulful ballad ‘You Give Good Love.” Her stage presence and showmanship was that of a seasoned pro in show business. The Soul Train dancers gave her a thunderous ovation when she finished performing. “You Give Good Love” was an instant hit, climbing up to number one on the R&B charts in May 1985 and number two on the pop…

Franco vs. Pepe Kalle: Who is better?

If there is one interesting discussion I had during this weeekedn was whether which of my two favorite personnels are better. I am speaking of Grand Maitre Franco and Giantafrique Pepe Kalle. Why you suppose? I made a joke that I was not in a mood to talk about Franco and Pepe Kalle but my family members decided to talk these two men anyway. So I did.

I am often asked who I think is better. Well it is very subjective but clearly one has an advantage over the other. One of them is who is a better musician? Franco. Who is the better singer? Pepe Kalle. Who was the better band leader? Franco. Who has the bigger star? Pepe Kalle.
But then comes ties who has a better connection with their culture or who people relate to better? It is a big tie because they both understood how hard life can be. Also both have shown their love for their culture by signing in their native tongue (Franco on Kikongo and Pepe Kalle on Tshiluba).

Because of this, I say neither is better than the other but it is f…

Derek Fleming

Here is a interview of a Soul Train dancer name Derek Fleming aka "FOXTAILS". He was a dancer that came from the 1980s up to the early 1990s. He had a large personality. He interviewed with

Here it is

December 23, 2011

Soul Train: Thank you Derek so much for giving us this interview. First off, where are you originally from?
Derek Fleming: I was born in Port Arthur, Texas, but moved to California when I was three.
Soul Train: Do you think entertainment and show business was in your blood?
Derek Fleming: Well, my dad was in a group called Otis Williams and the Charms. So maybe to a degree that had something to do with me wanting to go into entertainment. But what I really think helped to inspire me was a James Brown concert I attended as a little kid.
Soul Train: Tell me about that experience.
Derek Fleming: My great-grandmother lived in South Central Los Angeles across from Wrigley Field and she took me to see James Brown perform in concert at that arena. That was a wh…

Franco's unique song to me

This is a unique song to me from Franco. I am speaking of Grand Maitre Franco. The man who founded OK Jazz and is the first King of Congolese Music. This song is a simple but yet a enjoyable song that I can not get enough of.

This song I am speaking about is the song called Ngai Kaka Bomboko. This song happens to be a political song but the hell cares. This song a great song to my eyes anyway. Franco always had something for people to talk about. This song is one of them. As for the subject, Franco was speaking about a Congolese Politician name Justin Bomboko who was a liked politician and was the one who tried to fight the colonial corrupt power. So Franco decided to make a song dedicating the song to him. Franco's singing starts to intesify as his lead vocals come. We hear a beautiful duo from Josky and Youlou. Franco was a happy man when making this song. It was a great political song from Franco and Franco always had a care for Congo. This is a good thing. Grand Maitre Franco …

Why I am the biggest Franco right now?

One fascinating thing about me is that I think I am the biggest fan of Franco. The thing is that I am 18 years old. I am a young guy and I should like other musicians but I found myself to be a big Franco fan.

I believe that I am the biggest Franco fan right now. I am so convinced about this because I am the biggest Franco defender at all his loyal fans. What people need to know is that Franco is the first King of Congolese Music then comes Pepe Kalle. Why do you think my name is Franco Pepe Kalle. Because I am a huge Franco fan and I apperciate his music so much.

Another factor is that Franco was a simple human being. He was able to smile in a show and you knew Franco enjoy making music and enjoyedd doing his entertainment. Franco was someone who knew how to relate to common people though he made big money and he was richer than any other Congolese musician. Franco just was able to put in a spot and wonder about life.

This is why I am a big fanatical fan of Franco. Franco will always b…

Soul Train Dancers Remember Don Cornelius

So sorry for not being able to do some post the last two days. So much things going on as school, family, and facebook are comsuming my time these days. Sorry for that.

Here is one special thing to me is that some Soul Train Dancers decided to comment on their man Don Cornelius who died on the 3rd.

Here are some quotes from the dancers

PATRICIA DAVIS, 1971-1975 I felt that he was a strong father image who looked over the Soul Train Gang. I thank him for breaking open something that I was proud to be a part of. Don was the seed and he pulled us dancers in to be a part of that seed that evolved into a big “black” tree. He gave birth to something new and we were all a part of that birth.
DAMITA JO FREEMAN, 1971-1975 A pioneer has died, but a dream has been made and carried on by the pioneer.
JIMMY “SCOO B DOO” FOSTER, 1971-1974 If it weren’t for Don, many of us would never have been seen. If there was no Don Cornelius, locking, rap and hip-hop would not have been seen on television. Don made…

Why two black legends die on black history month?

One thing that stands out to me is that two important in black music die on the black history month. It is so ironic to my eyes. It shocks me as we are celebrating Black History month and we have to find out that they are dead at this time.                     

I am speaking about Soul Train founder Don Cornelius and R&B legend Whitney Houston. They both passed on the black history month. It is so sad because this is time to celebrate not to mourn.

What both happened was that they were in a depressing state and nobody wanted to help either pratically Whitney was known for a drug addiction. Whitney had a great night prior to her death when she drank a lot of champagne with her friends including most notably Kelly Price who says that Whitney made her a star. Don was having major decline health but he never wanted people to know that.

This is got to be something that was totally unexpected. We were expecting to have a good time where Don would continue to live while Whitney Houston w…

Remember Whitney Houston

Let me send a picture of Whitney Houston in remembrance


I found a masterpiece song from my favorite Congolese late musical personnel Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle many times managed to always to make a great song that could stand out to me and he could always do something so unique and entertaining at the same time. That is a perfect combination.

One song that has that is the "NANA". NANA line is what made me even like Pepe Kalle more. Pepe Kalle's voice involved in that is what makes the line so great to hear over and over again. But the song I am talking that has that favorite line is the song called NANA HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY. Here is the Pepe Kalle song here talks about his love for Nana and not only he knows but he claims that many people like Africans and Congolese as well as Mobutu is aware of his love for her. Pepe Kalle knew how to make a story almost sound so real. I find that fascinating and fun for me.

Pepe Kalle does a great job on animations and he is able to put a great show on the smooth sebene. Pepe Kalle just knew how t…

Soul Train diary one

As I said, more Soul Train stuff is coming and now I am going give a diary of one former Soul Train dancer. Her name is Yolanda Toussaint. Here is all her own words here.

Yolanda Toussaint
Interview with Soul Train (September 2011) were your aspirations when you were growing up in Los Angeles?

PS, more Soul Train stuff to come up soon.
Yolanda Seay: To be a teacher. Dancing was just a hobby. did you become a Soul Train dancer?
Yolanda Seay: I was at a club called Mavericks Flat and Pam Brown, Soul Train’s dance coordinator, saw me and invited me to go on the show. At the time I didn’t have a partner so I didn’t go. But a few months later, I met Little Joe Chism (another popular Soul Train regular) at Mavericks Flat and we became friends. He was already dancing on Soul Train so he invited me to come to the show and we became dance partners…