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Is Freedom of Speech dead? Part 2

I think Freedom of Speech is certainly going down because of another thing: Trying to be a true person. To many peoplle, it is a bad thing. The reason, it means that you are not afraid to challange someone and tell them how you think.

People do want to be challanged because it means they actually have to think which bothers them big time. It also means they can not always force things unto people's throats. No wonder why on certain forums, you see members who want to be themselves are bullied on. Why? Because they don't fit in like most "SO-CALLED NORMAL PEOPLE". Wat is the defintion of normal according to many? It is being so misguided and straight up a person to always be brainwashed.

So my message today for members of forums who are being brainwashed, be yourself and do what you can to be yourself so no one makes you so mad.

Have a great day to all my fans.

Is Freedom of Speech dead? Part One

I did have a excellent weekend as it was my birthday on April 20. I am now 19 years old. But during this excellent weekend, I got some redicilous backlash when I said my views on certain issues. I made a playist on the forum Music Banter and I gave reasons why I liked them. I hoped that people got to know who I really was. But instead it turned into a childish region and most of the members were acting like little babies. I made it clear that I did not like what was going on. I got banned for a weak for so-called "TROLLING".

Because of this, I dare question: Is Freedom of Speech dead? Well I certainly think so. Here is why. The thing is that we live in a stupid and controlling society. More people are wanting to force people to think a certain way. There are people trying to bully others so they get more and more power.

Music Banter and my high school are so alike. What they have in common is that they are about control, hatred, bully others, and reinforcing the great steroty…

Artist Profile Number Seven: Dona Mobeti

I am now giving another presentation to you to another artist I want you guys to become aware of. This man is someone who has a huge fan base of many Kinshasa people. A lot of Congolese people actually like this man a lot. He also made some unique impact in one band that was known very well in Kinshasa.

OK, I am speaking about Mr. Dona Mobeti. Yep Commandment Dona Mobeti that many Congolese people know about. He was born in the ages of Papa Wemba, Bozi Boziana, and others. Unlike the most of his generation, he was not part of the CLAN LANGA LANGA train. He was a member of the band Orchestre Cavacha and that band produced some classic hits. One of the notable ones that Dona did and he likes the song himself called Cherie Kadatti which was released in 1974 or at least Dona himself told me. But by 1980, the band Cavacha seemed nowhere. Dona Mobeti embarked a solo career.

Meanwhile, he formed a side band that had some popularity too. That band is called Molokai Stars. These group helped him…

Artist Profile Number Six: Nzuzi Makambo

I am so sorry to all my followers for not posting last week. So many stuff that was going on. Trying to spend more time on schoolwork to better study so I am more prepared for long dwendling college. Plus I have been spending more time on Facebook than I should to. I use Facebook more now because I am doing a research paper on Facebook and its long notices.

I am now going back to writing for two more artists to check out. This is series six. I am speaking one man who has his own career. He is someone who has his own voice and has a distinctive career. I am speaking about the man himself known as Nzuzi Makambo.

This man is unique from other fellow Congolese Musicians. Nzuzi Makambo was born in 1961 from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He grew up in good conditions and became a promising man. Nzuzi Makambo is currently star according to many. That should be the case anyway. One little known fact was that Nzuzi Makambo was actually a lyricist during many of his music career.…

Artist Profile Number Five: Kas Kasongo

This artist is not as known and he does not seem to be that famous. But this man has a great voice and I am surprised to say this man is a beast like singer. This man has a unique voice.

I am speaking about Kas Kasongo. This man is a singer. But he is also a very known actor. Yep this man unlike the rest of them is actually a known and popular actor. He has appeared on some notable theaters. I suggest you search for him and you will see him around. He has been in the acting business for around 15 years. Kas Kasongo is a well liked legend in the acting business.

But some years later, Kas developed interest in music. He has said that he is a big fan of late Madilu System and JB Mpiana. He is trying to get his music career started though he continues to do acting.

Kas Kasongo is now looking for ways to get his music out.

I will now share you with the snapet of Kas's music

Artist Profile Number Four: Adamo Ekula

Hello people, I am going to do another person I want you guys to be aware of. WHY? Welll because I love Congolese Music a lot and plus this person has always been one of my favorite singers I have heard for some time. I find his voice to be value and his music and his performances are just too good to me.

I am speaking of one person name Adamo Ekula. This man is not known to many local Congolese Music but those who love Congolese music in general, you guys need to hear this man. Adamo has quite a distinctive career and has made impact on bands.

Adamo began his musical journey in 1986 when he joined the band Grand Zaiko Wawa de Pepe Felly. Adamo started getting buzz when he participated on the international Love Me with Grand Zaiko crew. That song got Adamo some buzz. For the next two years, he would be impactable singer and his voice stood out from others. Even Mr. Djo Poster did not have the voice like Adamo had according to many people. Also Shimita did not seem to have the voice uni…

Artist Profile Number Three: Lilas Lafleur

This is a interesting thing about this artist. This artist is someone I find charming, sexy and yet a intereresting singer. This artist is different from the previous two artists. This artist is a female person.

I am speaking about the female artist name Lilas Lafleur. She was a singer that was born as a blessed woman and she is a artist who wants to show her talent from God. She feels that God has helped her through a lot of things.

She was born into a family of music. Here is one fact that even I did not know: Her uncle is great Soloist and Soukous legend and leader of Matchacha personnel Diblo Dibala. She did some back up singing for him during her early years. Music continued to interest her. She was from Paris, France.

But in 2000, she decided to leave France to go to England to do her educational studies there. She studided at the place of University of Teesside. She had some success after college.

During the periods of 2004-09, she was a gospel singer. She basically wanted to sp…

Artist Profile Number Two: Yves Francois (trumpet master)

I tried to have many info on this individual but it is not easy because this man is not quite that famous. But I can try to make an attempt to talk about this individual. It is quite important for people to know this man.

I am speaking Yves Francois. No I am not of the canadian person Blanchet and I am not speaking of the Haiti contrustuction. When I speak of Yves Francois, I am speaking about the trumpet sir who lives in Chicago. Those who love Jazz music in Chicago pretty much know who I am referring to. I am referring to YVES FRANCOIS. That man who is a excellent trumpet expert. Yep this Yves Francois is the top Chicago trumpet players.

This man was born in 1945 or possibly maybe 1944-1954 period. He grew up with music all over him. His father was a known musicians as well. He grew up on his influence from Frankie Newton to Louis Armstrong. He started his music career in 1970s. He became a very popular trumpet player during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. He did so many genres like Jazz…

Artist Profile Number One: TRES B

One artist I am going to expose to you is one man, I see as a person who has a quite bright future. I am talking about Congolese UK artist name Tres B. This man is one good charming singer. There is a biography done about him so I will not put everything of this man. I want fairness done to him. I will write some important things about him.

Tres B (or known as Tres B B D'or) was born in Kinsahsa. His birthname is Tresor Kiambu. He grew up with music all over him. He got to really show his music when he was nine years old becoming aware of valuable music is and how good music was to him. He was also exposed to gospel music and he was becoming the man behind the choir setting.

As he became a teenager, his music expanded. He found himself to like R&B, Hip Hop as well as Congolese music. He grew up hearing likes of Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and Pepe Kalle. He realized he could combine some genres together.

Sadly not everything was always great. In 2006, he experienced horrible tim…

What is happening on the next 7 posts

Hello my followers and my fellow blogger colleagues. Now I am writing slightly bigger and more bolder.

What I am going to do is very important for people. I am going to do something I really shouldn't do but I sort gotta do it.

Well I had spent lots of time on facebook last month and got to meet new people and see new views. I am trying to expand my ultra life a little bit so people can see who I am. I also had great conversations and I am learning how to be a better person. Things in that nature.

But what I am going to do is this. I will explain. Well I have talked to some people that are known to some people and are popular musicians. I have actually got to speak to all of them. Most of them want me to become their personal assistant saying they need me so much. I said to them, I can't. So I promised this and now I am going to do it. I am going to expose them to my followers and my fellow blogger colleagues. I am going to do on my next 7 posts are basically going to dedicate to…