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A deeper meaning of the song MABELE RICHE

It is my brother's 17th birthday. My brother turned 17 years old today. Well I had a very good weekend. So I went into my father's car and we were listening to the song MABELE RICHE. This is a Empire Bakuba song with Papy Tex singing lead with Pepe Kalle backing up as well the great animator Djouna Mumbafu with the song composed by rhythm guitarist Elvis Kunku. I actually do like this song in a some unique way. So I did listen to the song and there I discovered something. I heard the name Emoro. I knew he was mentioned as he did die in 1992 during the Empire Bakuba's Zambia tour. It turns there it something more than I intially thought.

It turns out that this song does actually focus on one person. That was late dwarf man Emoro. Those who don't know Emoro, he was a Empire Bakuba dwarf. He was the original dwarf before Dokolos took over. Jolie Bebe was the female dwarf. Emoro was a very entertaining man but he was also a provactive man. In fact the reason why Emoro was …

A Underated Clan Langa Langa band?

Clan Langa Langa is one of the best clans that has even came to the Zaire music scene. It has produced some great bands. They include Choc Stars, Anti-Choc, Viva La Musica, Isifi Lokele, Yoka Lokele, and others.

But there is one band that was so talented but so underated and yet had high popularity. This band that I am speaking about is Zaiko Langa Langa band. I am not saying the Nkolo Mboka band led by Nyoka Longo. I am speaking of the band Zaiko Familia Dei led by Ilo Pablo. This was another Clan Langa Langa band. But this band did come from Zaiko Langa Langa Nkolo Mboka.

This band was founded by Zaiko Langa Langa drummer Ilo Pablo. He was joined with former Zaiko Langa Langa singers late Bimi Ombale, late Lengi Lenga, and JP Buse with former Choc Stars, Langa Langa Star, and Viva La Musica bassist Djo Mali, former Zaiko Langa Langa, Viva La Musica, and Langa Langa Stars guitarist Beniko Popilipo, Jimmy Yaba, Bebe Atalaku, and etc. This band was formed in 1988 after Zaiko's tour…

American Idol Judges I want

Since hearing about American Idol revamping the judges after a dismal decline during the 2012 season, I have decided to put my own imput on this situation.

I think the idea of having one female judge and two male judges is a stupid idea to me as it has not always worked out. I mean yes we did have Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, and Paula Abdul together but it lasted 7 seasons before Paula left the show. American Idol has been going a major decline since the original judges Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Just this season has lost audience though it still had success. It is sad as this show is losing its thunder.

Here is the good news. American Idol got the legendary diva name Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey is a great singer and she has a incredible voice.

Now here is what I want. I want three judges but with two females with Mr. Bass man Randy Jackson. Here are the female judges. Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

It may be a crazy idea but I feel this idea would be a excellent idea. Here is why. Ce…


I am so happy today to present you with a special of my second idol: PEPE KALLE. This man was a unique star in Zaire who made dynamic songs during the 1990s era. This was the man who was able to shine on stage and give you his legendary skills.

I am focusing here in the early 1990s period that really made Pepe Kalle a legend as he is known today. I am going to focus on two works that Pepe Kalle did. One is with Empire Bakuba and the other one is not with Empire Bakuba. They are Divise Par Duex and Gerant.

Divise Par Duex is one of the best masterpieces of Empire Bakuba and Pepe Kalle. This work was a unique work from Empire Bakuba. You had all the styles that was unique. You had the fast Kwasa Kwasa and more slower kwasa kwasa. This was a unique way to make great music. Pepe Kalle was the heart behind this great project. Also we had the great introduction of Djodjo Ikomo with his classic song Soso Ya Tongo. This song had him shine so well. We also had the beginning of Blaise Matadidi …

Note to Grand Maitre

My personal note to Grand Maitre Franco.
Dear Franco,
You are the great musician of Congolese MusicYou are the reason why Congolese music was the bestYou are the reason why Congolese people had debatesYou are the reason why you are the true master.
RIP Grand Maitre
I am giving my tribute to my first idol Grand Maitre Franco. I hope his memory will continue to be known.
PS, on October, I will do some major Franco tributes coming. It is coming soon.

Important change

I feel some what guilty for giving some of my personal crap that you may not want to hear. After hearing some people complementing my blog, I feel that is time to change a little bit. What I am saying is that I am creating a new blog. This is called Personal Diary. This blog is where I will speak really be personal about me and my opinions on many issues. I will give you a honest aspect of my life coming in.

Here is the link

A Deep Look at Soki Vangu

I have been looking a bit more now into the band that my dad loves a lot and I have come to sort of like. I am speaking of the band Bella Bella. This band had two brothers. They were the Soki Brothers.

I am going to focus on one man that I considered to be the most valuable member of Bella Bella and the one I said had leadership of Bella Bella this time and i felt that was really the responsible Soki and the better singer to me. No, I will not focus on Soki Diazenza. This man actually gave some help towards two great Zaire stars Nyboma and Pepe Kalle. I am going to give my own analysis on Maxime Soki better known as Soki Vangu.

Why Soki Vangu? He is my favorite Bella Bella character. Also, I had thought that Soki Vangu was Madilu System. Also I was always charmed by how Soki Vangu sang.

I already a post about Bella Bella (). I will not speak everything on Soki Vangu too much since I sort of talk about that on the Bella Bella.

Now I am giving my opinion on Soki Vangu.

What I see in Soki …