Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shimita's visit to Minnesota- 6th degree of connection

During the summer, I was spending more time on Facebook. Because I have gotten more popularity and I am trying to keep my charge of things there. While this was happening, I bumped into a video that involved Shimita. 

Former Soukous Star singer Shimita came to my state of Minnesota. 

Shimita came to visit a friend who was a former president of the Congolese Club in Minnesota name JD Lokenye. I actually saw him in a recent Congolese party held in Fridley, Minnesota. It was around July 4, 2015. He was president from 2004 to 2012. I assume that Lokenye is also a music producer. Lokenye and Shimita are friends according to Shimita himself. Actually it was Shimita who told me that he came to Minnesota. But it was only a visit and a event with Lokenye and no concert was planned. Now there is a reason for Shimita to come as well which led to my turning point that I am going to as well. 

This is my third post of someone I am aware in Minnesota. 
Here is the first post 
Story of Judith 
Here is the second post 
Jana Nyberg 

Like the two previous, it is about a woman. This is different twist however. 

Shimita actually has about 5, 6 or 7 siblings. Shimita actually lives in Seattle, Washington. That happens to be where former Afrisa singer Wawali Bowane lives as well. Interesting point. 

He has a younger sister that happens to live in Minnesota which I live as well as I mentioned already as well as former president of Congolese club JD Lokenye. I assume she and Lokenye are like best friends and Shimita keeps in close tabs with them as well. 

This is an interesting time. I will see what the future. Maybe at some point, I can see Shimita, or JD Lokenye or even Shimita's sister. 

Wait and see. Life continues. 

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