Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dream Quartet: Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Kester Emeneya, Reddy Amisi

Great quartet that should have came long time ago when these four stars were at their peak. 

Viva La Musica leader Papa Wemba with his former singers Kester Emeneya, Koffi Olomide and Reddy Amisi. 

I am surprised that during the Wake Up period, no producer attempted to get Papa Wemba with Koffi Olomide, Reddy Amisi and King Kester Emeneya to do a song together or songs together. Why do I say this?

Because it was at the time when these four people were at their great success and Clan Wenge was not quite big just yet. Papa Wemba had a classic period and since he was doing work with Koffi, it should have made sense to put Kester and Reddy to tag along with them. 

I know these four singers would have fitted together very well in a given song. They could have done some remix songs of their classics during the days of Viva La Musica. 

I am sure that some of Koffi's classic songs would have fitted well with Reddy, Kester and Wemba. Think of Tokosuka wapi, Papa Bonheur, Synza, Lady Bo or Ngoliba. 

Or better, it could be with Reddy Amisi with his solo albums where he could do a song or songs with Kester Emeneya, Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba singing alongside him or he could do solo vocals with choirs of Emeneya, Mzee Fula Ngenge and Mopao Mokonzi. They actually sounded beautiful together as a choir group. Listen to Synza, you will see the beautiful choir of these three singers. That would have been a great choice as a choir group alongside with soothing vocals of Reddy Amisi. 

That is my feeling about what never happened of this dream quartet. 

Dream Quartet: Adam Levine, Gavin DeGraw, Josh Groban, Keith Urban

Hello guys, I want to give you a dream quartet which is the first one for you to enjoy to imagine. Fortunately this one could be plausible. 

I am speaking of Adam Levine, Gavin DeGraw, Josh Groban and Keith Urban

These four male singers are truly gifted and they are able to sing and sing their souls out. I know that they are some of the most gifted male singers of this generation. 

This is a practical one. First of all, these men are multi-talented and they know how to make their make. Their voices are quite different and it will make a harmonious sound as male singers. 

Keith Urban is more relaxed while Josh Groblin is a opera singer while Adam has the aggressive pop rock sound and finally you have a soulful voice from Gavin DeGraw. With these four men, you would have a beautiful song or beautiful songs. 

This would be the ideal quartet because they have their sounds and I believe that they combine to turn into a beautiful sound as you would listen to their vocals. 

This would be a great moment in American music if this quartet was to happen. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Dream Duet: Celine Dion and Josky Kiambukuta

I am going on a international duet but this one would have made perfect duet in my view. Just pure perfection. 

I am speaking of Congolese legend Josky Kiambukuta and Canadian genius legend and great international soul Celine Dion

Why these people together?

Because both of them are Francophone people and their french are impressive and spot on. Celine Dion also knows English and Josky knows some English and know Lingala and Kikongo. 

Another reason is that I know Josky's voice would fit perfectly with kind of voice like Celine Dion. Both have a common theme. They are both able to hit low and high notes. Also they are able to impress you in a soulful way. Their voices are kind of soulful which provides a great asset in any given love song. Whether good or sad love song. 

I got two songs from Celine Dion that show some beauty of Celine Dion's french. Just lovely. 

Pour que tu m'aimes encore 

Let me show Josky's two incredible love songs that show you his greatness 

Now imagine if these two people had done some songs together, you would have some great spark in their duet. 

Finally, you would see more fire of these two artists because sometimes you are best when you are opposite someone else. That would have been the case no doubt with Josky and Celine Dion. 

Dream Trio: Coupe Cloue, Josky Kiambukuta, Lara Fabien

Hello friends. I am ready to give more trio post but this will be international. Three stars from three different countries. 

Coupe Cloue Sr of Haiti
Josky Kiambukuta of Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly called Congo Kingdom, Belgian Congo, Zaire) 
Lara Fabian of Belgium/Canada

Why these three singers together. Because of one common reason: Their french is like water. I know also that Josky's voice was so diverse that if he had sang with Coupe Cloue Sr and Lara Fabian, it would be in harmony regardless how Josky sang. 

Also I know that love songs are three's specialties. Coupe Cloue attracted a lot of women with his raspy romantic voice and he was able to impress women and make them to just get out there all sexually and be as expressive as possible. Josky Kiambukuta was able to put ladies to a well rest and dream about their dream partner whenever Josky gave his voice into songs especially in the OKJ years. Even during the Bana OK years, he was still able to impress ladies and his voice never disappointed anyone especially ladies. With Lara Fabian, she is the more feminine voice that is needed. Her voice is soft but not as aggressive as let's say Celine Dion but pretty soft. Celine Dion and Lara Fabian actually sound pretty similar as they can give the raw emotion needed in any given love song. Like Celine, she gets very sensitive with her voice. Also, Lara Fabian really wants you to love her or love someone when she sings her songs. Finally, she sings as she is the person that she may be singing about. 

Look at Coupe Cloue at his best. TIBOM

With Josky, here is one of the important love song from Josky. FARIYA 

Here's the most famous song from Lara Fabian. JE T'AIME 

Now taking from Lara Fabian's song Je T'aime, I believe another version should have been done. But this song is completely different from Lara Fabian's version. 

This song would bring some latin tunes with congolese sounding guitars as well as some loving French lines. 

This version would demonstrate Josky's silky vocals as the lead singer in the song and he would impress ladies with his fantasy for a good love time as a person. It would also demonstrate Coupe Cloue's ability to put his raspy voice in a good use as a singer. Lara Fabian's voice will come in and soften all the song and make you have incredible emotion. 

This is would have been the situation if a trio like this had existed. Imagine? These three French speaking singers together. A great song with some incredible passion behind song or songs. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dream Duet: Kester Emeneya, Youlou Mabiala

Hello people. I am ready for another dream duet that should have been in Congolese Music that never happened. 

This is the edition of King Kester Emeneya the leader of Victoria Elesien and Youlou Mabiala the leader of Kamikaze Loningisa. These two should have been duet partners in my eyes. 

This is part of tribute to King Kester Emeneya. 

Part of the reason is that Kester Emeneya's singing with Malage de Lugendo is pretty impressive. Their chemistry is so strong and people can notice the incredible power of Malage and Kester's voices together. 

Actually Malage de Lugendo sounds somewhat similar to Youlou Mabiala. Only unfortunately, his voice is bit lighter and softer than Youlou's kind of voice. 

Youlou Mabiala would be a good partner to Kester Emeneya for another reason, I got three reasons:
1) Youlou has appreciated some good baritone voice 
2) Kester loves complex high sounding singers. Listen to him singing with Papa Wemba 
3) Kester and Youlou would be able to not miss bit as they sing together 

Youlou has sang with someone who kind of has the sound of Kester Emeneya but sounds more like Josky Kiambukuta. His name is Toupi Toukal. When I hear him sometimes, I think of Josky Kiambukuta but I also think a little about Kester Emeneya. 

The voices of Malage de Lugendo and Toupi Toukal convinces me that I believe that Kester Emeneya and Youlou Mabiala would be a perfect duo. 

I know that fans would be so happy if these two had done a song or songs together. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dream Trio: Josky Kiambukuta, Koffi Olomide, Madilu

Hello everyone. I got a trio that should have been here for us to enjoy. It is a good trio in my view if you ask me. 

This is the edition of Josky Kiambukuta "Djo Sex", Koffi Olomide "Mopao Mokonzi" and Madilu System "Le Grand Ninja". 

I don't get it at all. These three singers never did a song or an album especially during the early 1990s. I mean this would have been the time since Koffi was still a upcoming and Josky and Madilu were big stars at this time. 

I believe that Koffi, Josky and Madilu would have had amazing time singing together and it would reaffirm with Koffi's raspy voice with Josky's always good excellent with Madilu's good sounding baritone. 

Don't believe me. Watch this video to see my argument 

Hmm, you see now. It is so good that it makes me mad that it was short. 

What was Koffi thinking not get Josky and Madilu into some of his songs during this period. I mean if Koffi had done a few songs with Josky and Madilu alongside him, boy we could have had some amazing moments in Congolese Music history. 

Finally, I bet right now Koffi is probably regretting this because finally he got to sing with people he should done songs with long time ago. Case in point Evoloko Jocker. I have said that Evoloko would be a great duet partner for Koffi. Fortunately Evoloko is still around and Koffi finally decided to do a song with him that should be during the early 1990s as well as doing a song or album with Josky and Madilu. 

Regardless, I am so happy that this video exists because it shows what could have been a great trio in my opinion that never got into an actual song let alone a LP or album for that matter. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dream Trio: Defao, Kester Emeneya, Werrason

Hello friends, I am ready to do a dream trio that some people will hate with passion. Deep passion but I will do it. 

I am going to do a dream trio that should have happened with the Generation Zaiko with Generation Wenge. I am talking about Le Grand General Defao, King Kester Emeneya, and Roi de forêt Werrason. These three would have been the great trio in the age of Wenge and Zaiko. Why? 

I will give some reasons
1) Werrason is not a great singer but he can sing well in a structured choir 
2) Kester Emeneya is so diverse with his voice that it can move in any direction that you see fit
3) Kester Emeneya and Werrason sound similar but you can put them in different roles regarding choirs.
4) Defao can add the energy with choir alongside Kester Emeneya and Werrason
5) Defao sounds like Pepe Kalle 
6) It can act like Empire Bakuba 

If this trio existed, you would see Empire Bakuba like voices in a given song. But there is a twist. Usually Pepe Kalle and Dilu Dilumona are the low range singers but this case the "Pepe Kalle" and "Dilu Dilumona" are a bit different. Defao would play the Dilu Dilumona role and Werrason would play the Pepe Kalle role while Kester Emeneya would play the Papy Tex. Kester is able to sing high notes better than the other two, so he would be the "high range" singer. 

I am not saying that Werrason sounds like Pepe Kalle nor Defao sounds like Dilu Dilumona or Kester Emeneya sounds like Papy Tex. But I am only speaking how they would likely sing if they sang together in a song or songs. However as I said before, Defao sounds similar to Pepe Kalle. Dilu Dilumona did sing on a Defao song which he sang alongside Likinga Redo

Now Defao did work with Werrason on his Bana Congo album and Werrason also worked with Kester Emeneya on a song from the album "Toujours Humble". Though Werrason did not sing alongside with them, I do think if they did sing all together, it would be a well arranged choir. That is my opinion. 

Dream Duet: Madilu System and Youlou Mabiala

Madilu System and Youlou Mabiala are my favorite singers in OKJ. Le TPOK Jazz under Franco. 

Now what I am stunned is that Madilu and Youlou never made a single song together. I am so shocked. Because these two singers could have a force together. If Youlou could sound so good with Sam Mangwana of all people, then it would have been even more exciting with Madilu. I mean some people never believed that Sam Mangwana sounded good with Youlou Mabiala. I disagree with them. Listen Okozela trop. You will see the magic of Sam Mangwana and Youlou Mabiala. 

Also Youlou Mabiala had amazing chemistry with Vicky Longomba. People say that Youlou and Vicky sounded similar which in some ways it is true but the difference was that Vicky's voice was much more mellow through than Youlou's voice. 

Just look at this song of Youlou and Vicky singing in a harmony that you can not understand. 

Here is more songs of Vicky during his tenure of Lovy du Zaire which he creates great melody with Youlou in some of them. 

Now remember I just showed two singers that some say that Youlou would never be good with ever in his musical life. Yes Sam Mangwana and Vicky Longomba. If he can sound so good with them, then imagine if Youlou had sang with Madilu. 

Actually for a long time, I had a weird fantasy of voices of Madilu and Youlou.  Recently I was saying that Madilu should have sung with Youlou Mabiala because their voices would have molded together. 

I will explain to you. Madilu would have been Youlou's ideal partner. Because Madilu's voice was husky and it had some specialty that I know that Youlou Mabiala would have love a lot. Youlou would have fitted fit well with Madilu as well. Madilu always had someone who had a more soulful and mellow voices. Think of Malage de Lugendo, Nyboma and Carlyto Lassa. Youlou would have been better with Madilu than another person. I know in my view that Madilu had fire with Carlyto and they were able to move together but it would be much bigger if he sang with Youlou and that is how I see it. 

Furthermore another reason is Youlou Mabiala himself and how he sang with some singers. During his heyday during the 1980s, he created Kamikaze Loningisa. In 1990s, he would do his own OK Jazz. Now these periods, one singer stood out. In fact four singers would catch my eyes. They are Bola Bolithe, Elba Kuluma, Pepito and Tapis Malonga. One person told me that those guys sound heavily similar to Madilu and he is right. The one that sounds the most like Madilu is Bola Bolithe. Bola Bolithe really impressed me with his voice and at times, I thought that was Madilu. I was just stunned. Elba Kuluma was much more aggressive with his voice and he had much more force under his voice that it reminded me of Madilu so deeply. With Tapis Malonga, he is much jolly with his voice and much flowful as a singer and it too reminds me of Madilu so deeply. Bola Bolithe is most like Madilu. 

Based on this, it is very clear that Youlou loved Madilu's voice so deeply. I always wondered and still wonder why no one ever thought of getting these two great singers to sing together. I mean if there is anyone who should have got going with Madilu, it was Youlou Mabiala. Youlou would have had his greatest moments with him. 

What's ironic about this is that Madilu went on to sing with two of the sing-alike singers. Who are they? Bola Bolithe and Elba Kuluma. I wish I was joking but I am not. He would work with them. 

In fact, Madilu was the biggest fan of Elba Kuluma out of all them. According to some folks, apparently Madilu really loved listening to the voice of Elba. In fact it was said that Madilu once joked to Elba that "one day, you will be in OKJ and you will sound like me. I cannot wait for it." Elba apparently told this to someone which signified the friendship between and how much Madilu really believed that Elba had something special. 

That never happened. Bana OK came into form and Elba indeed came to take the "Madilu" role but he managed to find his own twist. 

Finally, with Madilu, Elba would sing on Madilu's last album Bonne Humeur which also had Nyboma and Wuta Mayi as well as Ballou Canta

With this final information, it makes me wonder if Madilu and Youlou had done a collaboration work with some aid from someone like Elba, how would it be? 

Who knows? I am going to another post related Madilu and Youlou. 

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